Layla and Nectar are amongst the most popular online mattresses. Both of these companies offer high-quality, durable, and affordable mattresses. Aside from selling mattresses, Layla and Nectar also sell bed frames, beddings, and other sleep accessories.

Layla and Nectar mattresses are popular because of their memory foam mattresses. However, they also sell other beds. Apart from the all-foam Layla mattress, Layla also sells a hybrid mattress called Layla Hybrid. Both of these beds are flappable and feature copper-infused memory foam that keeps them cool.

Comparison Chart: Layla VS Nectar Mattress





Options Layla mattress and Layla Hybrid mattress Nectar mattress, Nectar Premier, and Nectar Premier Copper
Durability 6.5 and 7 years of good use 6 years
Edge Support Best Good
Firmness firm and soft side medium-firm
Motion Isolation:  Yes Yes
Trial period 120 nights free 365 nights free
Off-gassing at least 48 hours at least 48 hours
Shipping free shipping in the contiguous US states free shipping in the contiguous US states
Temperature control Cooler Cool enough
Warranty Lifetime warranty, its Hybrid model comes with a 10-year warranty Lifetime warranty
Price: Layla VS NectarCheck Today’s Price Nectar VS LaylaCheck Today’s Price

On the contrary, Nectar offers other two mattress models apart from the Nectar mattress, including Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper. All of these models are made of all-foam layers. These beds are comfortable and good at relieving pressure. Thanks to the memory foam layer and high-density poly foam support layer.

Features Comparison: Layla VS Nectar Mattress

In this review, our focus will be on the Layla all-foam mattress and Nectar mattress. Both of these beds are consist of all-foam and are some of the bestselling online mattresses.


Getting to know how a mattress is constructed allows you to select the right bed with suitable materials. Not only does this help you find a quality and durable bed, but also a feel and firmness that you love.


Layla has two beds; Layla mattress and Layla Hybrid mattress. The Layla mattress measures 10-inches in height, while the Layla Hybrid measures 13-inches. Both of these mattresses are flippable and come with foam layers. However, the Layla Hybrid has coils in its support core. Additionally, it has copper-infused memory foam on both sides of the bed. Since our focus is on the Layla mattress, here’s how it’s constructed:
Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam MattressCheck Today’s Price
On top of the Layla mattress is a cover made up of polyester viscose-poly/lycra blend with a thermogel cooling agent, while the first layer is made up of 3-inch copper-infused memory foam. A 2-inch layer of transitional polyfoam follows it. Next is the 4-inch high-density polyfoam support core, and it ends with a 1-inch of copper-infused memory foam.

The side of the Layla mattress with 3-inch of copper-infused memory foam is the soft side, while the side with 1-inch of copper-infused memory foam is the firm side. Note that the 2-inch polyfoam layer in the Layla mattress comes with surface modification technology (SMT) in the structure of cut-out channels for better airflow and zoned pressure relief.


Unlike Layla, Nectar has three mattress options to pick from; Nectar mattress, Nectar Premier, and Nectar Premier Copper. However, all three beds are made up of all-foam, and none comes with a coil support core. Besides, all the models feature gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer, transitional polyfoam, and high-density polyfoam in the support core.
Nectar Queen Mattress Check Today’s Price
The greatest difference between these beds is that they have different feels as the layers differ in size from one bed to another. The Nectar mattress has a height of 12-inches, the Nectar Premier has a height of 13-inches, while the Nectar Premier Copper mattress has a height of 14-inches. However, our primary focus is on the Nectar Mattress, which is constructed as follows:

On top of the Nectar mattress is a soft and woven cover made up of technical fabric that’s breathable. Beneath the cover is 3-inches of gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer. 2-inches of transitional foam follow it, and finally, there are 7-inches of high-density base polyfoam.

Even though the Nectar mattress comes with a memory foam comfort layer, it has a medium-firm feel, which is perfect for sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds.


The materials determine the durability of a mattress. Both Layla and Nectar are made of high-quality materials that will last. However, they differ in how long they will last. Also, other factors like the type of bed or frame and weight of the sleeper play a part in how durable they will last.

Like most memory foam mattresses, Layla and Nectar all-foam beds will last for at least six years. However, the Layla Hybrid will last slightly longer than most hybrid mattresses. So, shoppers of this bed should expect between 6.5 and 7 years of good use.


One of the most essential features to search for in a mattress is its firmness level. Some people like a firm bed, while others love a soft bed. The materials the mattress is made of usually determine the level of a bed’s firmness. Hybrid and latex beds are the firmest, while memory foam and polyfoam are the softest.

Layla mattress comes with both a firm and soft side. Thanks to its flippable design. The soft side has a firmness level of 4 on the firmness scale of 10, which is considered to be medium firm. The firm side has a firmness rating of 7, which is ideal for stomach and heavyweight sleepers.

On the other hand, Nectar is rated as medium-firm with a firmness level of 6 on the firmness scale of 10. This is the most preferred firmness level, and it can accommodate almost all kinds of sleepers. All the other Nectar mattresses have a firmness level of 6, while the Layla Hybrid has the same firm level as the Layla mattress.

Motion isolation

Both the Layla mattress and Nectar mattress are good at isolating motion. Thanks to the all-foam layers that these beds are made of. Memory foam mattresses do an excellent job of limiting motion transfer; thus, preventing partners who love turning in bed from disrupting other people.

However, the Layla Hybrid mattress is not good at isolating motion as it comes with coils in its support core. Other Nectar mattresses are good at isolating motion as they are made of all-foam layers.

Edge support

Memory foam beds don’t perform well when it comes to edge support. Since Layla and Nectar are made of all-foam, don’t expect these mattresses to offer excellent support. The sleeper may sink deeper around the edge or even roll off the bed.

The best mattress for edge support is the Layla Hybrid. This bed comes with coils in the support core that also reinforce the edges.  So, if you happen to sit or sleep along the bed’s perimeter, you won’t sink as you would on an all-foam mattress.

Ease of movement

Some beds are pretty challenging to move in and out of bed. This is because they contour closely to the sleeper’s body. As a result, changing positions or even getting out of bed becomes somewhat a struggle. Memory foam beds are known to hug sleepers closely and make moving in and out of bed quite difficult.

Layla and Nectar mattresses are made of all-foam layers, meaning they are not easy to move in or out of bed. But if you want a bed with good movement, Layla Hybrid is the best option. What’s more, Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper perform better than Layla and Nectar memory foam beds.

Temperature control

Like most all-foam mattresses, the Layla mattress and Nectar mattress sleep somewhat hot. This because they feature memory foam layers in the top layer. As a result, the beds hug the sleepers closely, trapping heat and preventing air from flowing smoothly. Besides, memory foam and polyfoam layers are not very breathable, meaning that they won’t dissipate heat.

If you desire a mattress with excellent temperature control, consider going for the Layla Hybrid. This bed comes with a coil support core that allows free of air and dissipates heat quickly.

Pressure relief

If you usually experience pain when you sleep on a mattress, picking a bed that relieves pressure is vital. That’s why many people prefer memory foam or all-foam beds over other types of beds. Since Layla and Nectar are made of all-foam layers, both of these beds do an excellent job of relieving pressure. So, you won’t feel pain around your hips, shoulders, or legs.


Memory foam mattresses are not good for sex. However, Hybrid and latex beds are suitable for sex as they provide a bouncy feel that most sleepers love. However, if you’re looking for a perfect mattress for sex, look away from Layla and Nectar mattresses. Even though both of these beds offer excellent traction and are virtually silent, you will feel as if you’re stuck in bed and they are not responsive.


One of the unique features of all-foam mattresses is that they are virtually silent. So, you can move in or move out of bed without distracting your partner. Both Layla and Nectar mattresses won’t make noise even as you have a pleasant time with your partner or when kids jump in and out of bed.


Off-gassing is typically caused by volatile organic compounds, which are produced during manufacturing. However, not all mattresses have a smell when unboxed. Most beds that off-gas feature memory foam in their structure.

Therefore, Layla and Nectar mattresses off-gas as they come with memory foam in their structure. You may have to give the bed at least 48 hours to off-gas before sleeping on it. Layla Hybrid may be the best mattress for you if you are allergic to smells as the gasses dissipate faster than in the Layla mattress and Nectar beds.

Trial period

One of the challenges of buying online mattresses is that you won’t have time to test the bed in a showroom. Because of this, most online beds provide clients with sleep trial periods. Even though both Layla and Nectar provide free trial periods, Nectar has the better trial period.

Nectar gives its shoppers an extended 365-nights free trial period, while Layla provides a 120-nights free trial period. The only issue is that both brands require a sleeper to break into the mattress before returning it. Nectar has a 30-night break-in period, while Layla has a two-week break-in period.


Both mattresses offer free shipping in the contiguous US states, while they charge a small fee for customers located in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Besides, both beds are delivered compressed in a box. As a result, they may take a few days to a few weeks to arrive, depending on where you’re located.

White glove delivery and old mattress removal

If you want a mattress with white glove delivery and old mattress removal, you will have to go with Nectar. This is because they provide this service at a fee. On the contrary, Layla does not offer such services at the moment.


Pricewise, both of these brands compete favorably. However, the Layla mattress is slightly costlier than the Nectar mattress. This is mainly because of the flippable design.


Most online mattress brands provide a warranty of at least 10-years or more. Nonetheless, Layla and Nectar provide excellent warranties. Layla offers clients a lifetime warranty, while its Hybrid model comes with a 10-year warranty. On the contrary, Nectar comes with a forever warranty for all its beds.

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Layla Or Nectar: Which one should you buy?

With this detailed review, picking the best mattress for your needs is no longer difficult. Both Layla and Nectar are two quality and reliable online beds. However, their differences make it easy for shoppers to select the right mattress for their needs.

The Layla mattress is ideal for shoppers who love sleeping on their side or stomach, while the Nectar mattress is more suited for back sleepers, as it comes with a firmer surface. Overall, both of these beds are excellent at isolating motion, relieving pressure, and come with fantastic warranties.