A proper mattress cleaning method is necessary to keep it healthy and long-lasting. Cleaning a Puffy mattress is very easy. Some common steps are required in this process.

Process of cleaning a Puffy mattress

Use a vacuum cleaner: If any dirt on your Puffy mattress is challenging to remove, you can try it by using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can easily remove all the germs, dust, and bacteria from the surface.

Use enzyme cleaner: The enzyme cleaner is packed in a sealed spray bottle. You should not directly spray the cleaner on the mattress; otherwise, it may be damaged. Take a clean cloth and spray the enzyme cleaner on it. Now, slowly rub the dirty surface of the mattress with the cloth.

Vinegar and baking soda mixture: Baking soda is a popular ingredient for removing dirt from anything. So, if your Puffy mattress gets any terrible stains, you can mix the baking soda and vinegar and then dip a soft brush in the liquid solution. Now, rub the surface carefully for several minutes and let it sit for about half an hour. Finally, you can rinse the entire mattress or a specific part of the mattress that has recently been cleaned.

Air out the mattress: Now you have to wash the mattress. So, apply sufficient water to the mattress and rinse it properly. Dry the wet mattress under the sunlight, or you can also open the window so that the air circulation can dry it.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, because they are machine washable. So, you can place the mattress cover inside your washing machine to make it clean properly.

The higher-quality mattresses have a specific time range for how long they can last. But when you use the Puffy mattress repeatedly, it gets softer day by day. Therefore, the mattress becomes comfortable to use. But, after several years (about 5 to 7 years), when the mattress becomes worn over time, you must change it immediately.

A Puffy mattress is good if you are a lightweight stomach sleeper. But the mattresses are not comfortable for heavyweight stomach sleepers. This sleeping habit can put pressure on the necks of the sleepers.

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