Puffy is a famous name among the leading mattress brands. It delivers outstanding performance by providing a comfortable sleeping experience. But what is the mattress actually made of? Puffy uses the highest-quality materials to manufacture mattresses. It uses latex, polyfoam, and memory foam in the core of the mattresses. In a variety of materials, memory foam is very popular for providing excellent comfort. It can store the body’s temperature and help reduce back pain. Also, Puffy mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.

What is a Puffy Lux mattress made of?


The award-winning Puffy mattress is made in the USA. The company headquarters is located at 13070 Saticoy St., North Hollywood, California, 91605, United States.

Mainly, the Puffy mattresses are made of memory foam. When you use the mattress, you can feel it becoming more blended, softer, and more comfortable. The memory foam mattresses provide you with a dense and airy feeling.

The Puffy Lux mattress is the most popular collection in the brand. This mattress is made of memory foam and polyfoam. Memory foam is a material that can contour the body. Moreover, it cushions the hips and shoulders, so it can easily relieve the pressure.

The most popular Puffy LUX hybrid mattress is very soft. Individually pocketed coils can easily provide cushioned feels with some bounce. The pressure relief of the mattress helps the sleepers increase their comfort. However, side, back, and combo sleepers can enjoy sound sleep on this mattress.

The Puffy mattresses include the bed-in-a-box feature. This feature is a combination of gel memory foam and high-density poly foam. This combination offers a balance of pressure relief and support.

Are puffy mattresses toxic?

No, Puffy mattresses do not contain any material (like formaldehyde, flame retardants, and benzene) that is harmful to human health. Instead, these mattresses are helpful for providing sound sleep. The mattress contains the CertiPUR-US standard, which indicates how safe the mattress is.

Is a puffy mattress good for an overweight person?

Generally, sleepers who weigh up to 130 pounds can enjoy the best sleeping experience on the Puffy mattress. But you can enjoy a sound sleeping experience despite being a back or stomach sleeper. The Puffy mattress can be the best choice for side sleepers, even if they weigh up to 230 pounds. But people over 230 pounds wouldn’t get comfort from puffy mattresses; instead, they have to find alternatives.

Bottom lines

Finally, we can say that the perfect use of the memory foam mattress, the presence of improved airflow, and the temperature-controlling feature made the Puffy mattress much more trustworthy. However, Puffy products are not available anywhere without their official marketplace. As a purchaser, you have to remember it.

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