Taking proper care of a mattress starts with cleaning it regularly. So, as a Layla mattress user, you must know how to clean it perfectly. If you want to have the best cleaning experience, you must collect the following items:

  1. A vacuum cleaner
  2. A cleaner from a trusted brand (Biokleen)
  3. Baking soda

Why cleaning a mattress is necessary?


We spend about 13% of our entire lives on the bed. An unclean bed and mattress will be reliable for our health issues. It can cause insomnia, asthenia, allergies, skin diseases, bronchitis, and other skin and heart-related issues.

The accumulated bacteria are related to most health issues. So, you should clean the mattress and try to make it bacteria-free. Several types of disinfecting cleaners.

Steps for cleaning the Layla mattress

Now, follow the steps so that you can easily clean your Layla mattress.

Step 02: Use a surface vacuum

Through the vacuuming process, the primary specks of dirt will be easily removed from the surface of the mattress. The surface vacuum helps to remove all the invisible dirt from the mattress. You have to move the vacuum from left to right, from downside to upside, and clean all the germs properly.

Step 2: Apply Biokleen

It is a natural cleaning product for removing stains from the mattress. So, if you notice any terrible stains falling on your mattress, you must apply Biokleen, which is a safe and trustworthy cleaning product. Take a soft brush and apply Biokleen by rubbing it.

Step 3: Apply baking soda

Baking soda is an essential cleaning ingredient for removing bad odors from the mattress. So, you can definitely use it, and it is not harmful at all.

First, you have to sprinkle a sufficient amount of baking soda on the entire mattress surface. Now, vacuum up the baking soda on the mattress by using a vacuum cleaner. Using this device will make your task easier.

Step 04: Vacuum the bed

Finally, you have to lift the mattress by carrying it with your hand and vacuum the bed. This step will be helpful to remove all the dirt from the bed, including sand, dust, and others. Finally, set the mattress properly on your bed and decorate it again.

How do I remove the stains from the Layla mattress?

Cleaning like a pro is now possible at home. Several cleaners and degreasers will make this task easier.

First, you have to mark the stains on the mattress. Now, apply the cleaner or baking soda and vinegar mixture to the satin. Lemon juice is also effective in cleaning the stain, but abstaining from an acidic item is better because it can destroy the bed surface.

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