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Can you put a Puffy mattress on a box spring?

A bed foundation or bed frame is related to our mattress that determines our sleeping comfort. A box spring bed frame is constructed with a wooden frame. Then, the cloth is utilized to cover the frame. The spring stays in the middle of the cloth and the frame. The box spring size must be the same so the mattress can be set up on the box easily.

Do I need a box spring with my Puffy mattress?

Generally, a box spring is not compulsory for a Puffy mattress. Several hybrid mattresses are designed by Puffy, including Puffy Royal and Puffy Lux. You can set up these mattresses directly on the bed frame. So, avoiding a box spring with a puffy mattress is better.

What is the best foundation for Puffy mattresses?

The brand suggests Puffy Midnight Foundation. There are crisscrossed steel slats in the Puffy Midnight foundation. They can give the proper support and comfort for lying on mattresses. There are several advantages to the Puffy Midnight Foundation.

  • This foundation has a lightweight design. So it is easy to move anywhere.
  • The design of the Puffy Midnight foundation is suitable to encourage excellent airflow.
  • The assembly of the Puffy Puffy Midnight foundation is very easy. You do not need to use any extra tools.

How can I choose the best foundation for my Puffy mattress?

Choosing a perfect foundation is necessary for sound sleep. There are several things to consider, which are given below:

  • When you choose a foundation for your mattress, you have to consider the size of your room. The foldable foundations are very easy to set up in any type of room. But the box springs are not foldable. So, you must choose an appropriate size of room for these springs.
  • You must measure the sum of the body weights of the people who will lie on the bed. If the weight exceeds the foundation’s strength, the bed will not last long.
  • You should always consider the bed height that you need. Sometimes, the bed foundation becomes higher than necessary. So it becomes harder to climb onto the bed. So measure it carefully before choosing a foundation.

Does the box spring with my foam mattress void my warranty?

When you get a warranty on your foam mattress, you must follow the rules related to it. Some warranties can be voided by using the wrong foundation with a mattress. If you use a memory foam mattress on a box spring, the foam will be gradually damaged. So, the company is not reliable for repairing it free of charge.

However, no matter which mattress you use, you should always read the user manual carefully before using a box spring or any other foundation with it.


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