Keeping the mattress inside the box for a long time is not good. Unboxing a Puffy mattress is the most important task before starting to use it. But there is a specific time to unbox a mattress. It is related to several conditions, which are going to be discussed in this article.

What is the perfect time to unbox a Puffy mattress?

Suppose you are changing your house, so you have a lot of things to do. If you purchase a new Puffy mattress, you cannot use it immediately because you must decorate the room first. So, you may keep the mattress in the box until your room is ready to use it.

Several things are related to the time of unboxing a Puffy mattress. The material used in the mattress, the suggestion by the manufacturer company, the standard of the mattress, etc., determine how long you can keep the mattress in the box.

Some experts say that you should not keep the Puffy mattress in the box for more than seven days. But we recommend at least 24 hours.

However, if you do not exceed the limit of keeping your mattress in the box according to the instructions of the manufacturer, it will last a long time. Moreover, the mattress will give you better service.

What happens if I unbox a mattress too late?

Every mattress has a specific time to be unboxed. The user must unbox the mattress within this period to get the desired performance from the mattress.

If you delay…

First, the memory foam needs to be fully expanded to provide sufficient comfort. But, after the suggested period, the memory foam can be expanded. So, it is the reason for getting less comfort from the mattress.

The next issue is that air cannot circulate inside the box, which is closed. Therefore, it may be a significant reason for moisture accumulation in the box. As a result, bacteria, mold, and dust mites can easily grow inside the box of mattresses.

This situation is not only unhygienic but also terrible for mattress users. When you open the mattress box, you can feel an intolerable flavor coming from the mattress.

A warranty issue may arise after a long time of storing the mattress inside the box. If you are too late to unbox the mattress, the accumulating mold and bacteria may damage it gradually.

So, you should always unpack your Puffy mattress within the proper time or purchase the mattress after some days.

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