There are some mattresses that should be flipped. This process helps to maintain the life, shape, and quality of the mattresses. However, flipping helps distribute the pressure on the mattress equally. As a result, we get more comfort from an evenly pressurized mattress.

Do You Have To Flip A Puffy Mattress?

But, Puffy mattresses are designed in such a way that we should not flip them. However, if you want to use your Puffy mattress for an extended lifetime, you have to use only one side of the mattress. So a puffy mattress should not be flipped.

A Puffy mattress has the ability to hold sufficient weight so that everyone can use it. It can carry up to 350 lbs. But which side of the Puffy mattress should I use for sleeping? You should try to find out the logo of the Puffy mattress. If you can read the brand name on the logo, which is located on the Puffy mattress, you are lying on the right side. The logo is located at the end of the mattress. But if you cannot see the logo, you will realize that you are lying on the wrong side.

You will keep it at the base in whichever part you can find a grip. The grip at the base is positioned for setting up the mattress in the right place.

How can I make my Puffy mattress much more comfortable?

Puffy is a foam mattress. If you lie on the mattress, you can easily get a soft and cushiony feel from it. But if you are not pleased with the comfort and want to make it more comfortable, you have to follow several techniques.

i) Use a mattress protector

A mattress protector is necessary to protect your mattress from dirt, sweat, stains, water, wear, and other ingredients. Moreover, although milk or coffee may fall on the mattress accidentally, the mattress protector will keep the mattress safe from accidents.

ii) Use a mattress topper

A mattress topper is necessary for users who can not get the proper firmness and comfort from their mattresses. It gives the user extra pressure relief. So you can easily get the right amount of pressure on the mattress. Therefore, your mattress can be more comfortable for you.

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