Allwell is one of the newest brands in the mattress industry, but it has made an impression among users. They made it possible by manufacturing affordable hybrid mattresses. However, high quality and safety are both available with Allswell mattresses.

Do the Allswell mattresses have fiberglass?


Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material that is extremely strong, lightweight, and flexible and is used in aircraft, boats, bathtubs, roofs, and other applications. It is also widely used in mattresses. Yes, the Allswell products contain fiberglass, but only in some of their models. Significantly, there are three models of Allswell, including the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress, which does not have fiberglass. The rest of the models have about 8% fiberglass in the mattresses.

We know that fiberglass is unsafe for some users, and if we remove the cover of the mattress, which includes fiberglass, it may spread some toxic materials. But most Allswell mattresses are not like this because they are CertiPUR-US certified.

Why does Allswell Mattress use fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a harmful material to human health, so you cannot open the cover of your mattress to wash it if the mattress contains fiberglass. But why does Allswell, as well as the other popular mattress brands, use fiber in their products?

This is because the Federal Law Commission says that every mattress brand in the United States should have fire-resistant material in its products.

Some healthy fire-resistant materials include wool, latex, and cotton. But these materials are very expensive, and if the mattress adds the material, the price of the product will also be higher.

But fiberglass is the cheapest solution as a fire-resistant material. This is why most mattress companies use fiberglass in their products.

Is the fiberglass in Allswell mattresses dangerous?

There are several health issues caused by fiberglass. You cannot open the cover of the mattress, which contains fiberglass. If you open it, the fiberglass material will spread through the entire house, affecting you by entering through your nose and mouth. Throat irritation, nose irritation, and nose bleeding are common health issues that are caused by fiberglass affection. Also, you may have rashes sleeping on a fiberglass mattress if you have sensitive skin.

What Allswell mattresses don’t have fiberglass?

Buying an Allswell mattress is not bad, but as a health-conscious user, you should always be careful about your own safety. So, it is better to avoid a mattress that contains fiberglass. If you like Allswell products, the Lux Hybrid will be the best choice because this mattress contains no fiberglass. However, it is totally safe and luxurious to have a beautiful outlook.

Finally, we can decide that buying an Allswell mattress is good when you select the Lux Hybrid model because it is free from fiberglass. 

Where is the Allswell mattress made?

Allswell mattresses are mainly manufactured in two different countries: America and Indonesia.

The models made in Zinus, Indonesia, are the most popular, and they use fiberglass in the products in a specific amount. However, the original Allswell mattresses are the cheapest among all of the models.

What is the Allswell mattress made of?

The Allswell mattress with gel memory foam ensures a comfortable layer on the mattress and proper support for our comfort while sleeping. The comfort layer of the gel memory foam of the Allswell mattress is thinner. The mattress uses a polyurethane foam base layer as well as a memory foam layer. But it is only in the Allswell Luxe hybrid mattress.

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