If you choose a healthy mattress, there are several things to consider before buying. Safety is one of the most important things. A bed that includes fiberglass is not safe for asthma or allergic patients. But what about GhostBed? Yes, the GhostBed mattress uses fiberglass. The bed uses 38% glass fiber material to make it fire-resistant.

Is a Ghostbed mattress safe?


As a Ghostbed mattress uses fiberglass, it may be considered unhealthy for some users. Every conscious mattress user knows that fiberglass is harmful to our health.

But you have to remember that fiberglass is generally used in mattresses as a fire-retardant material, which is an excellent barrier to fire. So, the fiberglass of the mattress can keep you safe from fire if it happens at any time, accidentally.

But fiberglass is only unsafe when it leaks from the mattress. So, if you use the mattress topper or cover, you can enjoy sleeping without any doubt. However, do not try to check the fiberglass by cutting the outer layer of the bed; otherwise, it will affect your health.

What are the advantages of a Ghostbed mattress?

According to the comfort ratings of various sleepers, Ghostbed is an incomparable product. Now, we are discussing them in detail.

Support and firmness

Many available mattresses are not comfortable for back sleepers. But Ghostbed is a slightly different one. It gives much support to the back sleepers. When you sleep on the mattress, you will feel that your hips are sunk into the mattress, but you are not sunk. However, the Ghostbed mattress does not provide the same comfort as the lightweight back sleepers. They feel the mattress is very hard, so they do not get the same comfort as heavyweight people get.

Temperature control

If you sleep on a ghost bed, you will feel that you are sleeping in cold weather. However, the Ghostbed mattress is cooler than the other available mattresses on the market. There is memory foam in the mattress, which might keep it cool. But there are bigger cells and gel infusions, which prevent the mattress from becoming too hot.

Price and quality

According to quality and standards, Ghostbed products are the most affordable and money-saving. The price range for Ghostbed is $945 to $1204. Moreover, the two pieces of luxury GhostPillows are free with the GhostBed Classic. The value of the free GhostPillows is $190.

So, the investment after GhostBed is better. The availability of GhostBed products in all standard sizes made it easy to find

Trial and Warranty

GhostBed offers customers a free trial for 101 days. If your mind changes after 30 days and before 101 days, you can easily get a refund for the product.

GhostBed products offer long-term warranty services. You can get 20 years of warranty service with every GhostBed product. So use the product without any hesitation.

What are the risks of using a GhostBed mattress?

We knew that each GhostBed mattress includes fiberglass to make it fire-resistant. Usually, a fiberglass mattress is not harmful to all users. It is safe until you do not open the access to the inside area of your mattress.

But vomit, urine, and other dirty materials may fall on your mattress. Unfortunately, when you open the access inside your mattress for cleaning, the fiberglass particles will automatically come out and spread through your entire room. Moreover, the tiny particles of fiberglass will come into direct contact with the air.

When the tiny particles of fiberglass enter your lungs through your mouth or nose, you may have breathing problems, nose irritation, skin irritation, and throat irritation.

Bottom lines

So, if you do not open the cover of your GhostBed mattress, which includes fiberglass, it will be safe. But remember that you should not open or wash the mattress at home. Otherwise, fiberglass may affect you. On the other hand, proper caution and safety will save you from any unwanted situation.

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