Memory foam mattresses are some of the famous beds on the market. They have undergone several changes to produce the exceptional memory foam beds that we’ve today. However, memory foam mattresses vary from one brand to another. This comparison review will compare Lucid gel memory foam and Zinus gel memory foam mattresses. Read this Lucid VS Zinus Mattress comparison to know more.

Lucid and Zinus are two excellent memory foam mattresses offered at an affordable price. The beds are also made of CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning they are safe to sleep on. If you don’t know which gel memory foam mattress to choose between them, continue reading to find out.

Comparison Chart: Lucid VS Zinus Mattress




Thickness 10-inch 6-inches, 8-inches, 10-inches, and 12-inches
Durability at least 6 years at least 6 years
Temperature Cool Cool
Firmness medium medium-soft and medium
Motion Isolation:  Excellent outstanding
Trial period 100 nights 100 nights
Off-gassing smell dissipates quickly smell dissipates quickly
Noise Virtually Silent Virtually Silent
Bouncy No YesNo
Warranty 10-year warranty 10-year penetrated warranty
Price: Lucid VS ZinusCheck Today’s Price Zinus VS LucidCheck Today’s Price


Features Comparison: Lucid VS Zinus Mattress


Lucid Construction

The Lucid gel memory foam mattress has a 10-inch profile. It also boasts of a breathable Tencel cover. This cover is breathable as it improves the breathability and natural moisture control of your sleep surrounding. What’s more, the layer allows free air circulation, which helps the mattress to sleep cool.  

The top layer of this bed is a 2.5-inches gel-infused layer. This layer has gel material that captures and distributes heat to form a better sleep environment. The gel-infused memory foam layer also conforms to the sleeper’s body, which results in relieving pressure. Besides, the layer is well ventilated to provide excellent airflow and temperature regulation

Next is the base layer, with 7.5-inches. It is a high-density polyfoam base that gives the mattress its shape and prevents the sleeper from sinking deep into the mattress.
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Zinus Construction

Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress also has a 10-inch profile. The mattress comes with a knitted jacquard cover with a stretchy, breathable cover design. The top layer is made of a 2.5-inch swirl foam, a 1.5-inch comfort foam in the middle, and a 6-inch high-density foam. All of these layers work together to give the mattress its feel.  The top layer features a cooling gel-infused memory foam layer. This layer is breathable and wicks away heat. It also cradles to the sleeper’s body, which results in the bed sleeping cool.   
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Both of these mattresses are durable, with an expected lifespan of at least 6 years. This is on par with other average memory foam mattresses. Both the Lucid and Zinus memory foam beds are made using high-quality materials that will withstand the test of time. Make sure that you put the mattress on the right surface to prolong its lifespan. What’s more, ensure to rotate the bed to avoid edging on one side.

Since the Lucid gel memory foam mattress has a slightly firmer surface, expect it to last longer than the Zinus gel memory foam mattress. But if you’re looking for a very durable bed that you can utilize for many years to come, then you should consider other high-end memory foam mattresses aside from these two.


When picking a mattress, ensure that you know which firmness level is suitable for you. What’s surprising is that both of these mattresses come with a medium-firm feel, perfect for most sleepers. So, whether you’re a lightweight, average-weight, or heavyweight sleeper, you will love both of these beds.

The Lucid gel 10-inch gel memory foam bed has a firmness feel of around 6.5-inches on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. Besides, buyers can also choose a plush mattress if they find this one to be extremely firm. This particular bed is comfortable for back and stomach sleepers.

The Zinus cooling-gel memory foam mattress has a firmness feel of 6 on the firmness scale of 10. As a result, the mattress is comfortable and can accommodate all kinds of sleepers—however, this bed has a slightly softer surface than the Lucid mattress.

Pressure relief

These two mattresses excel when it comes to sinkage or relieving pressure. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a bed that alleviates pressure when you sleep on it, you will love both of these mattresses. They feature comfortable memory foam layers on the top of the mattress. These layers allow the sleeper’s body to sink, and it cradles them closely.

Regardless of which mattress you choose, you will get the comfort that you desire. However, you should note that these beds only offer comfort to people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. Lightweight and heavyweight sleepers will not get a lot of support as they may either sink deeper or sleep on the mattress’s top.  

Motion transfer

Another area where both of these beds excel is in limiting motion transfer. The Lucid and Zinus memory foam mattresses are good at isolating motion. Thanks to the memory foam and polyfoam layers in the mattress. The top soft layers do a great job of absorbing motion, while the polyfoam base layers in the beds prevent further spread of motion.

If you’re a couple with a partner that gets in bed late in the night, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You will not be distracted as the mattress won’t transfer motion to a noticeable extent.  

Edge support

Memory foam mattresses are known to lack m edge support. This is not different from the Lucid and Zinus mattresses. Both of these beds have poor edge support, meaning they cannot sit on or sleep at the mattress side.

But if you had to choose a mattress with a supportive edge, you will have to go with the Lucid mattress. This bed comes with a slightly strong edge for enhanced support. Most sleepers will feel comfortable sleeping on the entire surface as this bed will provide some support.

Temperature Neutrality

If you usually sleep hot on memory foam mattresses, you will like both of these mattresses. Lucid and Zinus mattresses sleep cool. Thanks to the gel-infused memory foam comfort layer in the bed. This layer allows air to flow freely and wick away heat. Additionally, both of these mattresses feature a breathable cover that allows air to pass through it freely.

However, there have been some reviews that complain about the mattress sleeping hot. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, sleeping on this mattress will only increase discomfort and trap more heat. Therefore, only sleepers that are recommended to use this mattress will feel comfortable.


As usual, all-foam and memory foam mattresses perform poorly in this category. Both the Lucid gel-infused memory foam and Zinus cooling-gel memory foam beds are not responsive or bouncy. This makes them be unsuitable for sex.

Nevertheless, they can be excellent for couples who desire great traction and a quiet bed for sex. Since the Lucid mattress is slightly firmer, it will provide a better sex surface than the Zinus mattress.


This is another area where the Lucid and Zinus mattress excels. Like most all-foam mattresses, the Lucid gel-infused memory foam mattress and Zinus cooling gel-infused memory foam bed are virtually silent. Therefore, you will not hear any sound as you get in and out of bed. If you love seclusion or a serene environment, you will love this bed.


Off-gassing is typical for all mattresses that are transported in a box. When you unbox Lucid and Zinus mattresses, you will come across a small smell that won’t last long. The odor comes due to the synthetic materials used in the construction of the mattress. Put the mattress in a properly ventilated place and allow it to dissipate the smell quicker.

Trial period

Even though both of these mattresses come with a free sleep trial period, the Zinus mattress offers a better sleep trial period than the Lucid mattress. The Zinus mattress comes with a 100-night free trial period, while the Lucid mattress has a 30-night free trial period. This is among the most lopsided comparisons between the features that these two mattress brands have.

On top of offering free sleep trial periods, these beds don’t have a mandatory break-in period. If you lack time on your side and want to examine the bed for some while, go with the Zinus mattress with a 100-nights free sleep trial period.


Lucid provides free shipping in the contiguous U.S. They also offer shipping services to international clients. On the other hand, the Zinus mattress offers shipping in the contiguous U.S alone. If you want to ship outside the country, this is not possible at the moment.

Lucid and Zinus may not be very popular when it comes to quality gel-infused memory foam mattresses, but they are cheaper than many memory foam beds. At such a fantastic price, you get a breathable mattress that can serve all types of sleepers.


Both of these memory foam mattresses come with the same warranty, which lasts for 10-years. The guarantee takes care of defects in material and workmanship. Make sure that you do not void the warranty by putting the bed on the wrong surface or covering it with a heating black. The warranty assures buyers that they can trust the company by investing in their product without any fear.


The lucid mattress is still new in the market. The company has been in existence for only 7 years now. The brand boasts of several mattress models, including gel memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Most of their beds are affordable, which makes them perfect for budget-conscious buyers.

Pros of Lucid mattress

Cons of the Lucid mattresses


Zinus has been in existence since 1979. They create unique and high-quality mattresses that consumers have fallen in love with. Zinus has several beds under its belt, with the Zinus Green Tea mattress being their most popular model. They also offer Zinus Gel Memory foam models in different thicknesses and firmness levels.

This comparison review will compare the Lucid gel memory foam mattress and the Zinus gel memory foam bed. Both of these mattresses have 10-inches in thickness and sleep cool.

Pros of the Zinus mattress

Cons of the Zinus mattresses

Who should buy the Lucid mattress?

Who should buy the Zinus mattress?

Which is Better? Zinus OR Lucid mattress?

If you’ve been looking for the best affordable memory foam mattresses, both the Lucid gel memory foam and Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattresses make the cut. The beds boast of excellent motion isolation, pressure relief, and they are silent when bearing weight. What’s more, they are also cheaper and are made of quality materials that meet CertiPUR-US standards. You can invest in these mattresses without worry as the manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty.

The Lucid mattress is ideal for those looking for a firm edge, while the Zinus mattress is ideal for individuals who desire a bed with a proven track record. Make the right choice, and you will have nothing to worry about.  I hope that this Lucid VS Zinus Mattress Reviews article has given you a clear idea about these products.


Which mattress is better?

Answer: Both of these mattresses are exceptional in performance. However, they have been a few variations that may prompt you to pick one over the other. If you want a mattress with exceptional edge support, the Lucid memory foam mattress is the best option. This is because the Zinus memory foam mattress comes with a plusher top that makes the sleeper sink slightly deeper into the bed.

Which mattress is more durable Lucid or Zinus?

Answer: In terms of durability, both of these mattresses stand out. They are made using CertiPUR-US certified and high-quality materials. They will last for at least 6 years or more, depending on how they are maintained. You can count on both of them as each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Still, have questions after reading this Lucid VS Zinus Mattress Review? Comment below.

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