Are you looking for the best Tens unit to relieve the pain that you are experiencing daily? Our guide and review contain essential information that will help you know how to choose the best Tens system on the market.

Since there are various types of TENS machines from different brands, picking the best can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we have created this review to help you acquire a Tens unit that will serve your needs in the best way possible. Tens and EMS stimulating units come in different designs, sizes, weight and have varying features. Also, people have different needs. Do you want a Tens unit with 2 or 4 pads? Are you interested in a portable device or for home use? Do you want a simple or feature-packed tens machine for pain relief? Whatever kind of Tens system you need, you will be able to choose it after going through our detailed review.

Best TENS unit reviews


If you haven’t used a Tens machine to relieve pain before, then there is nothing to panic about as you are on the right page. It is important to pick a Tens device from a reliable brand so that you can fully benefit from it. The 5 tens unit reviews below have been listed by us after thorough research on this topic, and they are some of the best.

HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit

This tens unit is one of the most sought after Tens and PMS systems on the market. It has 15 different operating modes and 4 outputs. It is easy to use with an on/off switch and labeled buttons. The LCD screen is large and clear that makes displays be read easily. The device is very portable and comes with a belt clip for easy carry. It also has an 80-minute timer and 20 levels of intensity.

Main features:


truMedic TENS Unit Electronic pulse massager

If you want the best lightweight Tens device, then the truMedic Tens machine for pain relief is the way to go. This device weighs just 5.3 ozs and is small in size to fit in your pockets easily. It comes with 10mpower levels and has 5 auto simulation programs. The speed and intensity can be adjusted. Choose among the 3 massage settings it has. It is well labeled and very easy to use. The large LCD screen displays to you everything that is taking place.

Main features:


Tens unit – Tens machine for pain management, back pain, and rehabilitation by United surgical

This Tens machine comes with 5 modes of operation, which include: normal, burst, modulation, strength-duration one, and strength-duration two. Also, the unit is flexible and has adjustable settings. The display screen shows whatever is taking place and operates with a 9-volt battery. In addition, the device is extremely portable and has a carrying case to travel with easily. This unit from United Surgical is suitable for pain control and rehabilitation. It is one of the best tens units for back pain.

Main features:


Pure Enrichment Purepulse Pro Tens Unit muscle stimulator

This is a simple but very effective Tens machine for pain relief. It has 8 preset therapy programs and 4 electrode pads. It is FDA approved and has an adjustable timer for effective use. In addition, it comes with 25 therapeutic intensity levels and operates using 3 AA batteries. All the results are displayed on the LCD screen, making this device to be easy to use.

Main features:


iRelieve Tens Unit and 8 electrodes pain relief

This is regarded by many as the best Tens unit. The iRelieve Tens unit is a powerful device that can be used by two people ago. Also, it can be utilized to cure different parts of your body at once. It has several excellent features, such as 8 pre-set tens modes, 8 electrodes, dual-channel, and 25 levels of intensity, among other top features. This tens machine for pain relief can help relieve pain from your body for a relaxed and amazing feeling.

Main features:


How a Tens unit functions

The automatic reflex from your body contracts muscles in a very short period of time. Then, the Tens system work by sending low electrical currents via the skin to the muscles and nerves, and the pain is relieved quickly. It blocks the pain signals from transmitting by electrically stimulating the nerves in the pain area. The main aim of the Tens unit machine is to distract your brain from the pain.

How to utilize a TENS unit to relieve muscle and joint pain

Every manufacturer provides a manual on how to use a Tens device. These instructions should be followed, and as well as consult your physician before using it. Here is the basic guide on how to use a Tens system:

Types of pain that a Tens unit cures

These include joints, knees, neck, lower back pain, menstrual pain, arthritis, cancer pain, shingles, sports injuries, migraine headaches, muscle pain, tension headaches, lumbar back pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, strains and sprains, peripheral nerves, shoulders, muscle pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and many others.

Benefits of using a TENS unit

Types of Tens unit

These devices both offer electro-simulation, but a Tens system stimulates nerves while an EMS device is created to stimulate muscles. Also, Tens utilizes high and low-frequency current pulses in a small range of about 100ma. EMS devices use cycles that induce muscle contraction and relaxation at several intensities, form one to 130Mh.

A pure Tens machine supplies only nerve ending stimulation while the electronic pulse of an EPM causes muscle contraction as well. A good number of Tens units provide both Tens and EPM.

A portable Tens unit is suitable for traveling from one place to another. These are usually lightweight and small in size. They are usually the same size as an iPod and can fit in the pockets or handbag. Most of the portable units have fewer features but still offer the same benefits.

The Tens system for home is usually bigger, more powerful, and has more wires. This makes them be unsuitable for carrying but great for home use. Also, they have long cables and have more features than portable devices.

What to look for when searching for the best tens unit

  1. Purpose of the Tens unit

Don’t just rush to acquire any Tens unit machine. Depending on the role you want t to play for you, there are various types of Tens unit that you can select from. Go for the one that serves your purpose. For instance, there are those that can treat several parts of your body at once, while others concentrate on one area.

  1. Channels

Another thing to know when picking a Tens system is that it can either have dual or single channels. Most of the modern Tens devices for pain relief are created with a dual channel. This is because it can be used with 2 or 4 pads. Thus, it’s very convenient.

  1. Program and modes

It is important to check out the Tens machine that you’re buying and determine what programs it has. Not all the devices on the market come with preset programs that make the Tens system to be very easy to operate. Also, check the modes that the unit has before buying one.

  1. Portability

Do you want a device that you can carry to work or some other place? Or your Tens machine for pain relief is just for home use? If you want a device for traveling with, it should be of a compact design, lightweight and easy to carry in case or backpack. But if it’s for home use, a bigger device is okay.

  1. Battery

When picking a Tens system, you should consider one with a rechargeable battery. It should be able to run for a long period of time. Also, rechargeable batteries save on the cost of acquiring new batteries now and then and are very convenient.

  1. Usability

Every person wants a device that they can easily operate without inquiring from another individual or expert. The unit should have an easy to operate control panel. The display screen should be very visible and clearly show texts being read. This will give the user ample time.

  1. Accessories

What accessories does the Tens device have? If you want a more sophisticated Tens system machine, then one that has extra devices may provide you with more choices. Though, this can be a bit costly than other devices.

  1. Price

Look for the best Tens unit machine with the features that you want. These devices vary in size, number of features, and price. The more features the unit has, the higher the chances of it being costly.

  1. Brand

Go through reviews of different Tens systems so that you land the best device. There are some notable brands to consider when looking for the best Tens devices for pain relief. Some of the famous brands include HealthmateForever, Empi, AccuRelief, Balego, truMedic, and Omron.

  1. Warranty

Ensure you get a Tens machine with a warranty so that you can have your investment secured. Some have one year warranty. Some have two years, while others, like HealthmateForever has a limited lifetime warranty. Also, you should know what the warranty covers as some don’t cover everything.

If you are looking for an alternative to the tens unit, then check this best massage chair list.

Precautions when using a TENS unit

Despite these devices being safe for use, there are a few precautions that should be observed when using them. For instance, these people shouldn’t use the Tens system unless given the go-ahead by the doctor. They include people with epilepsy, heart disease, unexplained pain, and pregnant mothers. Also, the Tens machine shouldn’t be applied when driving or operating a heavy machine.

Never place a tens device for pain relief in these areas: heart, temples, side or front of the neck, damaged skin, eyes, varicose veins, mouth, and areas of reduced sensation. Also, the thumbs should not be applied in a numb area.


After reading our informative review about the best Tens unit machine. We assume that you are now fully informed and can easily pick a Tens device for pain relief that suits your needs. There are some things to consider when choosing a Tens unit, which should be carefully observed, as discussed in the review. You should know the features you need, the number of channels, the size, programs that you require, and the accessories that you need. Also, ensure the unit falls within your budget. Hopefully, you’ve found this review to be of great importance and has affected how you will select your next Tens system to relieve pain.

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