Saatva and WinkBed are the two most popular online hybrid mattresses on the market. Many people search for the best hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress and come across these two. If you’re new to online, hybrid mattresses, choosing one over the other can be a daunting task. For this reason, we decided to compare these two brands to have an easy time picking the mattress of choice. Read this Saatva VS Winkbed Mattress Comparison to know more.

We shall highlight their features and let you know which bed is better than the other in which category. All-in-all, these beds are closely matched, and we see why people are having a hard time picking the best. Besides, they vary slightly in price, with the WinkBed mattress being somewhat expensive.

Comparison Chart: Saatva VS WinkBed Mattress




Cover hypoallergenic fiber and organic cotton cover Tencel cover
Durability between 6 and 8 years between 6 and 8 years
Pressure Relief Yes Better
Firmness medium-soft, luxury-firm/medium-firm, and firm beds soft, medium-firm, and firm
Motion Isolation:  Weak Weak
Trial period 180 nights 120 nights
Off-gassing longer quickly
Shipping free to contiguous US free to contiguous US
Temperature control Cool enough Cooler
Warranty 15-year warranty lifetime limited warranty
Our Recommendation Check Price Check Price

Here is the full comparison that will help you to make a well-informed decision.

Features Comparison Between Saatva VS WinkBed Review


Saatva Construction

The Saatva mattress comes in three firmness options: medium-soft, luxury-firm/medium-firm, and firm beds. Unlike other online beds, this mattress does not arrive in a box but its full size.

On top of the mattress are a hypoallergenic fiber and organic cotton cover with 1.25 inches of foam quilted into the pillow top. This makes the bed have a plusher feel. The stitched foam is tighter around the mattress’s lumbar section to offer added support to the sleeper.

Below the pillow top is a memory foam layer that offers comfort and support at the same time. It is followed by a 4-inch coil system that relieves pressure by conforming closely to the sleeper’s body. On top of that, it minimizes the transfer of movement.

The second layer of coils features a 7-inch support core of an hourglass-shaped innerspring. This is the core of the mattress and helps to increase the circulation of air. Last but not least, the bed has a reinforced perimeter that supports weight.

WinkBed Construction

Like the Saatva Classic mattress, the WinkBeds mattress also comes with three firmness choices: soft, medium-firm, and firm. These give users a wider range of options to select from.

WinkBeds mattress features a Tencel cover, which is breathable and soft. Tencel wicks away heat instead of trapping it. Next is the quilted Euro-pillow top with gel-infused polyfoam. This material plays a role in delivering comfort and relieving pressure. The number of pillow tops in the mattress varies according to its feel. For instance, the softer version of the bed has three layers in its pillow top while the luxury firm and firm beds have two layers.

Next is the layer of pocketed micro-coils. These give the bed its bouncy and responsive feel. What’s more, this layer is breathable, allowing air to flow freely in and out of the mattress. The soft version of this bed comes with an additional layer of transition foam after the support core.

All of the WinkBeds mattress versions come with a zoned, pocketed coil system that provides targeted support to different sleepers. Also, they have Sleepcam Motion Isolation Technology in the form of a stabilizing gel foam layer that surrounds the pocket springs and helps in limiting motion transfer.  


It isn’t easy to pick between these two beds in terms of durability. However, both beds are durable and will last between 6 and 8 years. This is the average lifespan of hybrid mattresses. But since Winkbed is made with slightly better materials, expect it to last a little bit longer than the Saatva mattress.

On average, the Saatva mattress should last for at least 6 ½ years, while the WinkBeds mattress should last for at least 7 years. Therefore, if durability is what you’re looking for in a quality online hybrid bed, pick the WinkBeds mattress.


Both beds allow buyers to select from a variety of firmness options. They have soft, medium-firm, and firm mattresses. The softer beds are ideal for lightweight sleepers or individuals who want a plush feeling. The medium-firm mattresses are the best option as any sleeper can utilize them. While the firm mattress is best suited for back, stomach, and heavyweight sleepers.

It is vital to testbeds from Saatva and WinkBeds so that you can land a mattress that fits your needs. Overall, the Saatva mattress has the firmest bed among these two brands.

Pressure Relief

Are you tired of waking up with an achy back? Look no further as these beds will help to relieve pressure and offer support. The Saatva mattress comes with a pillow top layer that allows sleepers to get a hug as they sleep in the bed. This applies even to the firmer mattresses. The WinkBeds mattress offers a gentle cradle to sleepers. Thanks to the gel-infused hypersoft foam layers.

Apart from the pillow top layer, the Saatva mattress comprises of lumbar zone support that ensures the sleeper’s spine aligns appropriately for a comfortable night’s sleep. On the contrary, the WinkBeds mattress has lumbar support and a back-relief system that keeps your spine aligned and muscles relaxed.

In terms of pressure relief, the WinkBeds mattress performs better than the Saatva Classic mattress.

Motion Isolation

Every moment you jump in and out of bed, you can end up distracting your partner if your mattress does not isolate motion well. This is a problem for most hybrid and innerspring mattresses. This is because the coil support core increases motion dispersion instead of absorbing it like memory foam.

Because of this, both Saatva and WinkBeds mattresses are not good at isolating motion. Nonetheless, Saatva does a better job of isolating motion than WinkBeds. This is because WinkBeds comes with two layers of coils in its structure, while the Saatva mattress comes with a pillow top layer and memory foam that do an excellent job of limiting motion transfer.

As a result, Saatva is the better mattress if you have a partner that moves a lot in bed.

Edge support

This is one of the bestselling points of hybrid mattresses. These two beds come with exceptional edge support. Thus, you won’t have issues sitting on the edge of the mattress as you lace up your shoe or even sleep on the entire surface of the bed.

In terms of edge support, you can either choose Saatva or WinkBeds mattresses.

Temperature Neutrality

Hybrid mattresses usually sleep cool as they feature a coil support core that allows air to flow freely. In this case, the WinkBeds mattress sleeps more relaxed than the Saatva mattress. This is because it comprises a Tencel cover, micro-coils, gel-infused foam, premium gel foam, and individually wrapped pocketed coils. On the other hand, the Saatva bed comes with a cotton Euro pillow top and pocket coils.

If you usually sleep hot and desire a cool bed, the WinkBeds mattress is the best bet.


Generally, hybrid beds are excellent for sex as they are typically responsive and bouncy. That’s what you get when you buy Saatva or WinkBeds mattresses. These beds are responsive and bouncy, making traction on the bed simple. Nevertheless, the feel of the mattress also matters. Pick the firmer options so that you don’t feel somewhat stuck in bed.

On top of the bouncy and responsive feel, the mattresses also feature reinforced edges, meaning couples can use the entire bed without worrying about rolling off.


This is one of the setbacks of owning a hybrid mattress. You will have to put up with the noise produced by these beds as they age. The coils in the support core may make some noise as they bear weight. If you’re a person who wants a silent mattress, you should consider choosing an all-foam bed. As the bed gets older, expect the noise to increase.

Since WinkBeds comes with two layers of coils in its structure, expect it to be slightly louder than the Saatva mattress.


Even though most bed-in-a-box mattresses need to be off-gas before being utilized, this is not usually the case with hybrid mattresses. The WinkBed mattress off-gasses quickly and can be used after a few hours of unboxing. Also, you can put the bed in a well-ventilated room to dissipate gas faster. On the contrary, the Saatva mattress does not need to off-gas for long as it does not come compressed in a box.

Trial Period

Saatva and WinkBeds mattresses come with exceptional sleep trial periods. The Saatva mattress comes with a 180-night free trial period, and WinkBeds comes with a 120-nights free trial period. The only challenge is that Saatva does not feature a mandatory break-in period, while WinkBeds has a mandatory break-in period of 30 nights. And in case you return the mattress, WinkBeds will arrange pickup of the bed, while Saatva will not do so.


Saatva offers free shipping to clients in the contiguous US. Unlike other online beds, the mattress is not transported in a box. The buyer also gets free white glove delivery and old mattress removal. This is very rare as most online brands charge for these services.

WinkBeds mattress also provides free shipping to the contiguous US. However, they do not offer free white glove delivery and old mattress removal services. Unlike Saatva, they ship their hybrid mattress compressed in a box.


The WinkBeds mattress is slightly costlier than the Saatva mattress. This has to do with the types of materials used in the construction. Aside from the price difference, these beds are well made and live up to the hype.


You can buy any mattress with confidence as they both come with excellent warranties. Saatva has a 15-year warranty, while WinkBeds has a lifetime limited warranty.

About Saatva

Saatva is a popular online mattress with various mattresses. Established in 2010, Saatva boasts of the Saatva Classic, Saatva HD, Saatva Latex Hybrid, and Saatva Youth. In this comparison review, our attention will be on the Saatva Classic, which is Saatva’s flagship mattress.

The Saatva Classic mattress is a classic innerspring bed with a Euro-top padding layer for added comfort. It has three firmness options: soft, medium-firm, and firm mattresses. While the Saatva HD comes with an organic cotton pillow-top, a Zoned Talalay latex layer, and a high-density base layer. It also has transitional polyfoam and offset coil support. It has a firmness rating of 7.

Another quality Saatva bed is the Saatva Latex Hybrid bed. It has a comfort layer made of Talalay latex and a pocketed coil support core. Besides, it has a firmness rating of 6, which is medium-firm. Lastly, there is the Saatva Youth mattress. This is an innerspring mattress designed for kids ages 3 or older. The bed is flappable, with one side of the mattress featuring a medium-firm feel and the other a firm feel.

About WinkBed

WinkBed is one of the most reliable online, hybrid mattresses. Founded in 2016, WinBeds boasts three mattress models: WinkBeds mattress, MemoryLux, and the EcoCloud mattress. These beds are built to meet different users’ needs as they vary in materials used in construction.

We will focus on the WinkBed mattress, which is a hybrid bed. This mattress consists of a gel-infused layer, two layers of coils, and a base foam layer. What makes this bed unique is the support core that has different zones for outstanding support. The bed boasts of three firmness levels: medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm.

The MemoryLux mattress is only made of foam layers, making it a perfect bed for relieving pressure and isolating motion. It comprises of polyfoam, memory foam, and denser polyfoam layers. It also comes in three firmness choices: medium-soft, medium, and firm.

Finally, there is the WinkBeds Latex Hybrid mattress. This is great for individuals who desire a latex feel. It has a layer of latex over a pocketed coil support core. What’s more, it has a medium feel, which is excellent for most sleepers.

Who should buy the Saatva mattress?

Who should buy the WinkBed mattress?

Which is better? WinkBed or Saatva mattress?

After comparing the Saatva and WinkBed hybrid mattresses head-to-head, it is clear that they have similarities and differences. The final choice depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re ready to part with. Some of the similarities include breathability, support, multiple firmness options, comfort, and responsiveness.

Pick Saatva mattress if you want targeted support, an eco-friendly bed, and a long sleep trial. Choose WinkBed if you want a durable bed with more significant support and a lifetime warranty. On top of that, the WinkBed mattress is slightly more costly than the Saatva mattress. Overall, both of these beds are exceptional in performance, and it comes down to what you value most. I hope that this WinkBed VS Saatva Comparison Review has given you a clear idea about these hybrid mattresses.

Still, have questions after reading this Saatva VS WinBed article? Comment below.

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