A latex mattress is more durable than memory foam. Latex mattresses are also more breathable, bouncy, and responsive. However, these mattresses are quite expensive, explaining why many people go for memory foam instead of latex mattresses. But if you’re willing to spend to get a comfortable and responsive bed, latex is the best option. Read our Lifekind mattress reviews to know more about this Naturally safe mattress.

Lifekind mattress offers some of the best latex mattresses. The company specializes in designing different organic latex mattresses. Established in the 1990s, Lifekind Mattress is one of the pioneers in the organic mattress and bedding field. They have three mattress collections on offer: Latex Mattresses, Pocket Coil Mattresses, and Innerspring Mattresses. These three collections have different mattress models under their belts. They vary in composition and firmness, making them perfect for all kinds of sleepers. You will find all information in this Lifekind mattress reviews article that you should know.

Technical Specifications of the Lifekind Mattress


Lifekind Mattress

Made of: all-foam and pocketed coil layers
Firmness: medium firm
Cover: Thermocool fabric
First Layer: Idle contouring foam
Next Layer: Idle cooling buoyancy foam
Firmness: medium-firm and luxury-firm
Durability: at least 8 years
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Shipping: free to all the contiguous US states and some parts of Canada
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Trial period: 120-nights free sleep trial period
Flippable: Yes
Temperature Neutrality:  Cool
Responsive and Bouncy: Yes
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified

Like most latex mattresses, Lifekind beds have a firmer feel, making them unsuitable for lightweight and side sleepers. Made of certified organic and all-natural latex materials, Lifekind beds are durable and eco-friendly. Hence, they promote healthy sleeping and a toxic-free environment.

Lifekind Mattress Reviews in 2024


The Lifekind Euro Latex Mattress will be our focus in this Lifekind mattress reviews article. Continue reading to find the best Lifekind mattress for your budget and needs.


Lifekind Euro Mattress is one of the most popular Lifekind mattresses. This bed is made of all-natural latex materials, which makes it durable and comfortable to sleep on. The mattress has a depth of 7-inches with a breathable latex.

The mattress features a 100% certified organic cotton cover quilted to natural wool. The cover is dust and mite-resistant, fire-retardant, and breathable. It also adjusts according to the sleeper’s temperature, helping them sleep cool when warm and warm when it is cold.

The Euro bed comes with only one layer of 6-inches of pure natural organic rubber. This layer gives excellent support to the sleeper and prevents them from sinking too much into the mattress. 

The Lifekind Euro mattress can also be ordered in a “soft top” version with an additional inch of organic rubber sewn into the quilting on top of the bed.

Also, the bed has three firmness mattresses to select: medium, medium-firm, and firm. Therefore, different sleepers can choose a bed that has the feeling they desire most. This mattress is created in the European style but handmade in the USA. The materials utilized to design this mattress are GOLS, GOTS, and Greenguard certified.


Lifekind mattresses not only feature eco-friendly and quality materials, but they are also durable. Latex beds last longer than memory foam or all-foam beds. And if the 100% certified organic cotton cover quilted to the organic wool is maintained correctly, it will also last longer than polyester covers.

Overall, latex beds have an average lifespan of around eight years. Therefore, the Lifekind Mattress should last for at least eight years or even more since its latex undergoes a unique process. However, the durability of the Lifekind mattress will vary from one mattress collection to another.

If durability is top of your priorities, you should compare all the Lifekind mattresses and choose the bed that lasts longer. Besides, you can also prolong your bed’s lifespan by rotating it every three months to prevent having an uneven surface.


Mattress firmness is among the essential features that buyers should consider when buying a mattress. The firmness setting that you select determines whether you sleep comfortably or not. Also, it decides whether you will have pressure relief or not. Sensitive parts of the body, such as the hips, back, and shoulders, need a proper alignment for a sound night’s sleep.

One of the best things about Lifekind mattresses is that they offer various mattress firmness, allowing buyers to choose a bed with a firm feel that suits their body. They have medium, medium-firm, and firm mattress models. The bad news is that most lightweight and side sleepers will not get a proper alignment as these beds are slightly on the firmer side.

The Lifekind Euro Mattress comes in three firm settings: medium, medium-firm, and firm. If you’re an average-weight sleeper, you will love the medium feel. Back and stomach sleepers will find comfort on the medium-firm bed, while heavyweight sleepers will love the firm mattress.

Edge Support

A bed with strong edge support allows sleepers to use the entire surface. Also, it enables them to sit on the edge as they lace their shoes. Latex mattresses have better edge support than memory foam and other foam mattresses. Therefore, the Lifekind Mattress should provide better edge support. Overall, hybrid and innerspring mattresses offer the best edge support. These beds usually feature reinforced edges that make the beds more durable and able to bear weight without sinking too much.

All-in-all, the Lifekind’s Euro mattress should provide above-average edge support. But if you want excellent edge support, you should consider getting the Lifekind’s innerspring or pocket coil mattresses.

Motion Isolation

It is tough for a person to sleep in a bed without tossing or turning. Hence, if you sleep with a partner or pet, you need to acquire a bed that isolates motion well. Memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses for isolating motion. Latex also isolates motion fairly or better than hybrid and innerspring beds.

The Lifekind Euro mattress will provide above-average motion isolation. Latex does not isolate motion very well, like memory foam mattresses, because of their firm and bouncy surface. This implies that if you sleep with a partner in the same bed, they may feel minimal motion transfer. However, the motion transfer is not strong enough to distract them from their sleep.

Pressure relief

Many owners of the Lifekind mattresses have reported issues with the firmness feel of their beds. Thus, sleepers must select the right firmness for their weight and sleeping position. The mattress seems firmer than their rating, which means lightweight sleepers and side sleepers will have a hard time sleeping on these beds.

The Euro mattress has three firmness ratings: medium, medium-firm, and firm. The medium conforms closely to average-weight sleepers, while the medium-firm conforms closely to back and stomach sleepers. The firm bed will fit better with heavyweight sleepers. If you want a softer feel that relieves pressure on your body’s sensitive parts, you can opt for the Lifekind Euro “soft top” version with an additional inch of organic rubber sewn into the quilting on top of the bed.

Temperature Neutrality

No person should sleep hot on a latex mattress. Latex beds sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses. These beds allow air to circulate better than any other type of mattress. That’s why many users applaud Lifekind mattresses when it comes to temperature neutrality. What’s more, the beds feature a 100% certified organic cotton cover quilted to natural wool that is breathable and allows free air movement.

The Lifekind Euro Mattress sleeps cool as it is made of only organic latex and the natural cotton cover. But if you want a Lifekind mattress that sleeps even cooler, you can opt for their innerspring or pocket coil beds.


Since most Lifekind Mattresses are on the firmer side of the scale, they should be exceptional for sex. Softer beds are bad for sex as they are not responsive and may make couples feel stuck. Latex mattresses have a firm and responsive surface. On top of that, their surface is bouncy, which makes them perfect for sex.

Lifekind’s Euro mattress will allow couples to have exciting moments on the bed as they can change positions easily on the mattress. Besides, their innerspring and pocket coil mattresses will be even better as they are bouncier and more responsive than the Lifekind latex mattresses. You should expect to have fun with your partner on the Euro or any other Lifekind bed.


If you’ve got a partner who tosses or turns a lot in bed, he/she can cause nightmares for you. Not only can they transfer motion, but they can also make the bed make squeaky or creaky sounds. If you have such a partner, you need to go for a silent bed under all conditions. Latex and memory foam mattresses are quiet in all circumstances. As a result, they are ideal for couples who want a silent bed that doesn’t make noise even if you jump on it.

Among the various Lifekind mattresses, the Euro and other mattresses from their latex collection are quiet. Nevertheless, their pocket coil and innerspring beds may make some noise as they have coils and springs in their structures.  


If you hate the pungent smell that most mattresses produce when they are unboxed, you will love Lifekind’s Euro mattress. This bed is made of organic and natural materials, which means that you will not smell any potent and harmful gases. Besides, the mattress doesn’t go off the gas for long, and you should sleep on it after 24 to 48 hours.

Since the bed is made from natural latex, expect it to produce a natural rubber smell for a few hours before sleeping. But if you’re okay with this smell, as it is not harmful, you can sleep on the bed after unboxing.

Trial Period

If you’re unsure whether you like the Lifekind Euro mattress, there is nothing to worry about. The manufacturer gives you 90 days to decide that. Aside from that, there is no mandatory break-in period, which means you can return the mattress any time you feel like doing so. The 90-night sleep trial period is enough time to know if you love the bed or exchange it with another mattress model.


Buyers from the continental US will get their beds for free. But those in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada will have to pay additional fees to have their mattresses delivered. Their in-stock mattresses ship within 48 hours, while other beds may take up to 10 days. Lifekind also provides white glove delivery and old mattress removal at a small charge.


Lifekind mattresses are not cheap compared to beds with the same features. As a result, you should be ready to pay more if you want to get these highly rated and certified organic latex mattresses. Compare all the Lifekind mattress models and select the one with the features that you desire. It should also be within your budget.


Lifekind gives buyers a 20-year warranty. Within this period, you’re free to return the mattress if it has a defect in material or workmanship. The only challenge is that the warranty is prorated from the 11th year. Therefore, the free warranty period lasts for only ten years. It is also important to understand that the product warranty occurs only once and to the original purchaser of the mattress.

Pros of the Lifekind Mattress

Cons of the Lifekind Mattress

Who should buy the Lifekind Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Lifekind Mattress?

Lifekind Mattress Collections

Latex Mattresses

Lifekind’s latex mattress collection comprises Greenguard and GOLS certified organic latex. Therefore, the mattress won’t produce harmful gasses into your bedroom and is low emission. This model boasts some of the popular Lifekind Mattress models, including The Euro, The Euro Soft Top, and The Trio. The Euro model has a natural latex bouncy firmness, while the Euro Soft Top and Trio mattresses are softer to provide pressure relief and support.

All the Lifekind’s latex mattresses are very responsive and durable. They also have various firmness options to choose from, allowing different sleepers to select a firmness that is okay for them. But unlike latex beds with the same features, these beds re quite expensive.

Pocket Coil Mattresses

The Lifekind Pocket Coil Mattress collection features hybrid beds. The mattresses in this collection have layers of cotton and latex over individually wrapped coils. Therefore, the mattresses are bouncy and very responsive. Aside from that, they sleep cooler than the Lifekind’s latex mattress. The mattresses also do an excellent job of supporting your spine.

The Lifekind Pocket Coil Mattress Collection has two mattresses at the moment, which are The Astar and The Sorell mattresses. Both beds are firm, making them perfect for the back, stomach, and heavyweight sleepers. The Astar mattress is shipped in a box, which means it comes compressed.

Innerspring Mattresses

 Lifekind also offers an innerspring mattress collection. This collection features two beds: The Traditional mattress model and The Combo mattress model. These two beds have two firmness options, which are medium and medium-firm. With this firmness level, the beds are excellent for people who weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds. The Lifekind Innerspring Mattress models come with a comfort layer of cotton with latex  

The Traditional mattress model comprises interconnected bonnel spring support layers and organic cotton layers with cotton or quilted wool cover. On the other hand, the Combo mattress model is a flippable mattress with springs in the core of the mattress and layers of cotton and latex on both sides of the mattress. However, these mattresses are quite expensive than competitor mattresses.   


Lifekind mattress offers some of the best latex mattresses on the market. Their beds are eco-friendly and meet many quality standards. The materials used are GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard certified, meaning they are natural and produce fewer emissions. On top of that, they provide various mattress types and have multiple firmness options.

The only challenge is that sleepers who prefer a plush mattress may find the Lifekind mattresses uncomfortable. This is because the beds are quite firm. Also, the mattresses are quite expensive when compared to similar mattresses on the market.

Overall, the Lifekind Mattress is a reliable brand to invest in as it provides buyers with a 90-day comfort exchange period and a 20-year limited warranty. We hope that you’ve been educated by reading this Lifekind mattress reviews article and now can make an informed decision!  


Question: Does the Lifekind all-natural latex produce odor?
Answer: Yes, it does. Several people tend to think that all-natural latex does contain any smell. Natural latex from the rubber tree comes with a natural rubber odor that is not considered toxic for most individuals. However, some people may smell it, and others may not. Additionally, other people may be affected by the smell of natural rubber, and some may not. If you’re affected by this smell, you may have to let the mattress off-gas for a few days before sleeping. If not, you can relax on it after expanding.

Question: Why a wool cover over other types of cover?
Answer: Wool cover is more comfortable than polyester, cashmere, and cotton, but it is also breathable. What’s more, it keeps the body warmer in the cold seasons and cooler in summer. Besides, it is mold, dust mite, and moisture resistant. And since the Lifekind Mattress is made of organic materials, the beds are flame and fire retardants.

Question: Why should I buy an organic mattress?
Answer: Unlike non-organic mattresses, organic mattresses don’t feature dangerous chemicals that can harm the environment and sleepers. That’s why Lifekind Mattress strives to deliver certified organic mattresses to its clients. Certified organic mattresses don’t contain any hazardous chemicals that can affect our health or the environment. That’s the difference between organic beds and certified organic mattresses. This implies that there will be less pollution than chemical flame retardants, polyester, synthetic foam, or treated cotton.

Question: Can I place my Lifekind Mattress on any foundation?
Answer: The Lifekind Mattress has to be placed on a stable and well-ventilated flat surface. Several platform beds offer enough support and airflow without the need for a foundation. Nonetheless, the slats should not be more than 3-inches apart. Moreover, you can place your bed on a box spring or a firm foundation.

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