When our mattresses get older, we have to buy new ones. But, we must think about what to do with the old mattress. Is it easy to sell a used mattress? Selling a used mattress in the USA is not as easy as posting the product’s photo online. There are some strong regulations about selling an old mattress in some states of the USA. If you want to sell your old mattress, you should know about the regulations.

Can I sell a used mattress in the USA?


Yes, it is possible to sell a used mattress. Old mattresses that meet Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards are permissible to sell under federal law. You should follow the rules very carefully, which are mentioned below:

  1. A too-old mattress is illegal to resell. If your mattress has been used for more than seven years, you cannot sell it to another user. It is illegal under some laws. So the mattress should be less than seven years old
  2. Must meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards
  3. You have to sanitize the whole mattress before selling it.
  4. If your mattress is not in good condition, it cannot be resold, even if it is less than seven years old. It is against the law. But if you want to do that, you must repair the mattress first; otherwise, the mattress can be recycled.
  5. If the regulations allow you to resell the product and if it is in good condition, you can easily get a return of about 20% to 30%. So, it would not be a significant loss after selling an old mattress.

How can I sell a used mattress?

Step 01: Kow the laws and rules

Every state in America has a different used mattress resale law. So, you should take steps according to the law of the state where you live. Selling an old mattress must go through more regulation than other household products because a mattress is directly related to our health and safety.

The best way is to hand over your old mattress to a retailer so that he can recycle and sell the mattress to new customers. On the other hand, if you want to get much profit from your old mattress, you have to hand over the product directly to the customer, but you should complete the repairing tasks.

Step 02: Fix the price

Several essential features of an old mattress determine how much it can cost. Significantly, the following features are important:

Step 03: Post an advertisement in a buy-sell marketplace

If you want to attract customers, you should do a proper advertisement. You must mention all the details about the mattress, including your desired price, duration of use, defects, and where the customer can purchase it.

Now, it is time to post the advertisement in the marketplace. Popular marketplaces, including Facebook, eBay Classifieds, the LetsGo app, etc., are highly suggested.

When you post your advertisement, the customers will easily see the photo and the details of your mattresses. If they are interested, they can purchase your used mattress.

Negotiation is also necessary for selling an old mattress. If the customer thinks that your fixed price is too high, he can ask for a lower price.

Bottom Lines

Finally, we can say that if you live in the USA and your state has no restrictions against selling an old mattress, you can easily fix its price and hand it over to the customers. It is an excellent way to get the proper value of the mattress after using it full-time.

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