Started almost 50 years ago, the Inada is a famous Japanese creator of robotic massage chairs. This firm is based in Osaka, Japan, where they have been creating these lucrative and therapeutic chairs for a long. They make quality and innovative chairs that differ slightly from those of their competitors. This can be proven through the numerous awards they have attained over the years and wonderful testimonials from previous users and buyers. If quality is what you are looking for, then the Inada brand of massage therapy chairs is the best.

One of the most notable massage chair ever created by Inada is the flex 3s massage chair. This chair is manufactured to correct bad posture, relieve pain and bring about relaxation. When it comes to various chairs in its category, it is considered the best though it has lesser features when compared to the Inada Dreamwave model.

Inada HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair


The Inada HCP – S373 is a quality massage chair made from Japan. It will probably give you a new experience similar to that of a massage therapist. This chair is built with the idea of keeping you flexible and assists you to maintain a good body posture. Since the chair is designed in consultation with Japanese sports stretching experts and made in Japan, this excellent chair combines the traditional Japanese massage and stretching technique known as Shiatsu together with modern-day massage therapy stretching movements. The HCP-S373 is created to alleviate pain while bettering your posture and preventing stiffness.

Some of the notable features of the full-body massage chair are shoulder focus program, full-body air massage, 11 preset automatic massage programs, 50 airbags, hybrid massage function, mechanical arm 3-D mechanism, and 4 pre-programmed sessions-full body, among other notable features. The Inada brand as well offers a 3-year limited warranty to buyers of this luxurious massage chair.

If you want to improve your posture, improve blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, increase flexibility and feel relaxed, then this is the right massage therapy chair for you from the popular brand Inada. It will give you a massage experience that you’ve never experienced before at a very cost-effective price.

Main features:


Features of Inada HCP-S373

This chair is programmed in such a way to treat you with light or intense stretching according to your mood. The massage and stretch mode that the chair comes with cures you with a light stretch and a full body massage or the full-body stretch can offer you some of the most intense stretches when you feel like having one. It also has unique stretching techniques, with one known as flexion.

Do you think of feeling the relaxing touch of hot stones on your body? The Inada is here to help you achieve this. The flex 3s hot stone style massage offers palm and sole heaters, which offer one of the most comforting and relaxing robotic hot stone like a massage.

The Flex 3s as well comes with a shiatsu point locator that functions out the shiatsu points of your body before the massage starts. And continues the massage session aiming at the shiatsu points to leave you with a highly customized massage experience.

If you normally find yourself in a strange position on a daily basis, then you need to correct your posture. This chair has unique stretching capabilities, and the flex 3s scan will assist you to regain your natural and confident looking posture. Actually, this is one of the huge reasons the chair has airbags. These airbags, while stretching, pin your shoulders back against the rollers, which reverses shoulder slouching and brings the body back to its usual posture.

3D is a very important massage feature to have in this modern day. This is because they improve the overall roller massage experience. This technology allows the quad rollers not to just move up and down but as well the ability to move inwards and outwards in a massage session. This allows the massage chair to give the lightest to the most intense massage along the spine, which is not possible in 2D rollers.

The manufacturer offers a warranty of 3 years limited repair or replacement warranty with on-site service. For those interested in a longer coverage, Inada offers a 5 year extended warranty, which demands signing up within the first 30 days of purchase.

Who should use this Inada massage therapy chair?

Individuals who undergo muscle pains and also posture issues should utilize this chair. In addition, individuals who feel that they have tense muscles should as well use this comfortable massage chair. Not to forget, people who want to stretch out and relieve their joint stiffness or back pain can as well use this high-quality massage chair.

Alternatively, if you weigh more than 240 pounds and are more than 6 inches 2 tall, then this isn’t the human touch massage chair for you. Also, pregnant women aren’t advised to use this chair as it might hurt the unborn child.

What do reviews say about the Inada HCP – S373 shiatsu massage chair?

The Inada HCP-S373 massage chair has been positively welcomed as many reviews have applauded its quality and performance. A good number of previous buyers on Amazon in the review section say that it is of great size compared to other Inada brands. Also, it has been given a 5-star rating on Amazon, which indicates how excellent this chair is as customers have fully accepted it.


Are you fed up with undergoing the same back pain or suspect that you have a posture? Don’t look beyond the Inada Flex 3, as it is a compactly built chair but still powerful. It will properly fit in your bedroom, study room, or even living room. It offers some of the best human touch massage therapy and is well designed to cover your whole body. The leather made chair offers great comfort and ha shiatsu technology that will relieve the pain and reduce stress. Though the chair is somehow costly, the features that it offers are worth the price. The excellent massaging and stretching abilities of this chair, together with its sophisticated technology, will give you a therapeutic massage experience.

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