Sleeping is related to our sound health and body conditions. If our mattress is uncomfortable, it will affect our body and mind, and we will gradually become ill. So, our bodies need the proper adjustment with a new mattress.

Every mattress, including Puffy, requires a break-in period. If you can maintain it, you can get proper comfort from the mattress. Why? Because the compressed materials will soften gradually during this time. Therefore, you can easily get a comfortable sleeping experience.

How long is the break-in period for a new Puffy mattress?


The break in the period of the different mattresses can be different. But, usually, a Puffy mattress takes about 30 nights to fit our bodies properly. However, if the mattress is made of better materials, this period may take a shorter time.

Puffy’s own website recommends waiting two hours for the full expansion of the mattress. At this time, the mattress will circulate sufficient oxygen so that you can get proper comfort while sleeping.

The possibility of setting all foundations made the Puffy mattress famous. The mattress can be set up on adjustable frames, box springs, or even on your floor. The compatibility of the Puffy mattress with all types of foundations has been possible because of its outstanding structure and the material it uses.

But you should carefully check whether your bed foundation can support the Puffy mattress you purchased. You must not use it without the suggested foundations if it is not mentioned in the user manual. The damage to your mattress caused by choosing the wrong foundation does not cover the warranty service.

How can I fully expand my Puffy mattress before starting to use it?

Sleeping on a Puffy mattress just after unboxing can be a bit uncomfortable for us. Although some users can tolerate it, the rest must find an alternative process to make the mattress comfortable.

Keep some books or other heavy items on the mattress for 24 hours. Open the window or turn on the fan to circulate the air inside the room to remove odor. The mattress will be more comfortable when you follow this process.

Frequently asked questions

No, because stomach sleeping is a completely bad habit. It is so destructive for our health. Although the Puffy mattress is healthy and comfortable, it is not good for stomach sleepers. Significantly, stomach sleepers get the least comfort from a Puffy mattress.

Maintaining the break-in period is essential for properly using a mattress. But it is ok to use the mattress during this period. Instead, if you use the mattress before it expands, the mattress will be more suitable for your body. Finally, you can get much more comfort from the mattress after it expands.


This article will be helpful for users who cannot decide how to start using the Puffy mattress properly. But, using the mattress is very easy to take proper comfort. You just have to maintain some rules, and therefore you can get the result easily.

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