Puffy is a world-famous mattress brand. This mattress expands faster than other ones on the market. But the question is: how much time is necessary for a puffy mattress to expand properly?

A puffy mattress takes about two hours to be fully expanded. So, you must wait about two hours after unpacking the mattress before starting to use it.

How to expand the Puffy mattress fast?


One of the advantages of using the Puffy mattress is that you do not have to use any tool or technique to expand the mattress. Just unpack the mattress and wait for two hours; it will expand itself. Follow the easy steps and enjoy the proper comfort of the Puffy mattress.

Unbox the mattress: You have to take help from a family member to unbox the mattress easily; otherwise, you cannot handle such a large mattress alone. You must cut the mattress package carefully. Now, hold the mattress carefully and set it on the bed perfectly.

Wait for two hours: Now, you are at the crucial step, which is mainly discussed in this article. You cannot enjoy the proper comfort of the mattress if you do not allow it to inflate. So, you must wait. Now, your Puffy mattress is ready to give you the desired service. You can start using the mattress now.

But if it is possible, you can wait for about 24 to 48 hours. It will give you more comfort and long-lasting performance from your mattress.

Why are the Puffy mattresses boxed?

All the Puffy mattresses are boxed because of their ease of carrying. If you want to carry the traditional mattresses through the staircase, you must face a lot of pain. But the boxed mattress is very easy to carry, and it reduces our pain while doing the task. So, every Puffy mattress is completely boxed.

Does Puffy Mattress provide any service warranties?

Yes, Puffy Mattress gives a lifetime warranty for its service. If the buyer finds a defect, the manufacturing company is compelled to replace the product because the condition is under the guarantee of the product.

Where are Puffy mattresses available?

Puffy mattresses are only available on puffy.com. Many mattresses from several brands are sold on online marketplaces, including Amazon and Walmart. But Puffy does not permit the sites to sell their products except on their own sites.

Bottom Lines

The Puffy mattress can be your best choice if you are not a stomach sleeper or a heavier person. However, you must browse Puffy’s websites to order the products.

Wait for a few hours, let the Puffy mattress expand, and enjoy the comfort of the mattress.

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