Yes, some Layla mattresses contain fiberglass. But fiberglass is considered a safe material for mattresses. The existence of fiberglass in a mattress has no major harmful effect on our health. However, it is very important to know whether the mattress contains fiberglass or not, especially for asthma patients.

Who should avoid using a fiberglass mattress?

If you have extra sensitive skin, you must avoid fiberglass, as tiny fiberglass particles may cause a rush or a little scratch on your sensitive skin. If you mistakenly purchase a mattress that includes fiberglass, you can use a bed protector to keep your skin safe. Asthma patients may inhale fiberglass particles if they don’t use a mattress cover or topper, resulting in breathing problems.

Why does Layla use fiberglass in their mattresses?

Layla is a well-known brand of mattresses that adds fiberglass to its products. But do you think about why the brand uses fiberglass?

Layla is an American mattress brand. The law of the United States says that every mattress must include at least one fire-resistant component. This law is necessary for providing safety to mattress users because a fire on the mattress can increase the possibility of much destruction.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission imposed a rule for consumers in 2007. The rule says that all mattresses must have enough flame retardant. This flammability standard for the mattress is necessary to reduce the fire risk. The mattress should withstand a two-foot-wide blowtorch flame for 70 seconds. Only fiberglass is the material that can fulfill all the criteria of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily know about it by checking the product’s user manual. However, putting out the mattress cover to check the fiberglass may cause a destructive situation.

No, it is totally impossible to remove fiberglass from a Layla mattress. Although there are some processes for removing fiberglass from a mattress, they are inappropriate for Layla’s mattress.

No, according to the USA Act, mattresses should have fiberglass to decrease the possibility of a fire. Layla also continued using fiberglass in their products. So, if you purchase a Layla mattress, you can get a product that includes a significant amount of fiberglass under the upper layer.

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