Puffy Mattress company is located in the USA. Arthur Andreasyan is the CEO of the mattress company. His specific goal is to make the mattress affordable to everyone.

Does a Puffy mattress have fiberglass?


No, Puffy mattresses do not contain any fiberglass. However, Puffy mattresses have a CertiPUR-US certificate. The Puffy mattress uses rubber and latex. It uses the materials as a flame retardant. Therefore, the mattresses can be safe from fire.

There are three different layers in every Puffy mattress. They are the top layer, middle layer, and base layer.

There is a polyurethane, non-latex layer in the mattresses. This layer is considered the top layer. This layer offers high comfort to the users.

The middle layer of the mattress consists of variable-pressure foaming. This foaming process should be environmentally friendly, as it is certified by CertiPUR-US for the Puffy mattress.

The base layer of the mattress is ultra-soft but supportive. Finally, a stylish grip cover is attached to the foam so that the foam looks clean and tidy.

What are the disadvantages of fiberglass?

It is a piece of good news that a Puffy mattress does not include any fiberglass in its material. But why is fiberglass so dangerous?

Actually, there are many drawbacks to fiberglass. The tiny fiberglass particles have the possibility of sharing space inside our clothes. Therefore, our clothes become damaged.

However, fiberglass is also reliable for our health problems. When tiny fiberglass particles get in contact with our skin, eyes, and lungs, we may have bronchitis, stomach irritation, asthma, or several other issues. So, we must purchase a mattress with no fiberglass particles.

Are Puffy mattresses safe?

Having a CertiPUR-US certificate indicates that Puffy mattresses do not have any toxic chemicals. All three layers of the Puffy mattress have received certification.

However, the Puffy mattresses are considered safe according to several aspects.

Puffy is a famous brand for offering products made of high-quality materials. Moreover, the chemical-free products of Puffy are suitable for our health. If you want a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface, you should choose a Puffy mattress when decorating your bedroom.

What are the other features of Puffy mattresses?

There are three types of Puffy mattresses. The Puffy original mattress is the firmest one. On the other hand, the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is the softer one. Both of them are good, but the comfort level depends on the user’s choice. If you get comfortable on firm mattresses, you have to choose the original Puffy.

Puffy is a famous mattress brand for its several advantages. Some of them are given below:

Suitable for all sleeping styles

No matter which style you sleep in, the Puffy mattress is suitable for all styles. But some important reports say that average back and side sleepers feel more support on the Puffy mattress. But the other styles of sleepers will not feel any discomfort at all.


The Puffy mattress has an excellent breathable cover. Moreover, the mattress has a special cooling gel cloud layer. It gives you advanced breathability and does not disrupt your sleep at any time.

Climate comfort layer

It is essential to get proper comfort from a mattress; otherwise, we cannot enjoy a sound sleep. The Puffy mattress has a climate-comfort layer. This layer has the ability to prevent the effects of extreme temperatures. So, the temperature of your bed will be conditioned, and you can enjoy a sound sleep.

Affordable price

There are several price ranges of Puffy mattresses available. The prices differ from $599 to $1149 according to the sizes. You have to determine the appropriate size of your bed and then choose the perfect mattress.

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