A bamboo mattress is made of bamboo fiber, wool, cotton, and latex. It also includes sufficient memory foam inside the mattress to increase proper comfort. Some types of mattresses contain a specific amount of fiberglass. But a bamboo mattress does not contain fiberglass. It is made of organic materials. Fiberglass is known as a popular flame-retardant material. But a bamboo mattress replaces fiberglass with wool, cotton, and latex as fire-retardant materials.

Is a bamboo mattress healthy?


The bamboo mattress is one of the healthier mattresses. However, a bamboo mattress is totally safe for our respiratory system. The primary materials of a bamboo mattress are bamboo, memory foam, and bamboo ash.

The bamboo mattress does not contain fiberglass or any other harmful material, so it can be considered healthy. So, users, including patients with back pain, can use it comfortably. However, bamboo mattresses are good for reducing transfer movements, which are reliable for back pain. So, a bamboo mattress can keep us safe from this health issue.

Why do people avoid buying a fiberglass mattress?

Fiberglass is sometimes bad for human health. This synthetic fiber is made of tiny glass particles that may create problems for our eyes, skin, and lungs.

So, removing a mattress’s cover containing fiberglass is very dangerous. If a small particle of fiberglass enters your eyes, you need to wash your eyes with plenty of water. So, you should avoid mattresses that contain fiberglass.

However, the tiny glass fibers of fiberglass are airborne. They can easily be inhaled and therefore cause a serious respiratory issue for asthma patients.

Bamboo mattress buying guide

There are several features of a mattress that should be judged carefully. While buying a new bamboo mattress, you must consider the following features:

i) Multiple layers

If you want both firmness and comfort, you must purchase a mattress with multiple layers. The combination of layers helps keep your back and neck parallel and provides a healthy and sound sleep experience.

ii) Free from harmful chemicals

This feature may not be mentioned in the manual. But you can also check it out on the official website of the bamboo mattress. A chemical-free bamboo mattress is the best choice for health because it does not react with our bodies and does not make us ill.

iii) Medium firmness

A bamboo mattress should not be too hard or too soft. The ideal firmness of the mattress is 7 out of 10. When you push on the mattress with your hand, you can easily feel the softness and comfort of the mattress.

How to clean a bamboo mattress?

Cleaning a bamboo mattress is a straightforward task. Generally, we remove the cover of a mattress and wash it with water and detergent. But the bamboo mattress is suitable for making the washing process easier. The mattress can be easily cleaned using the spot cleaning method. This method does not require removing the cover.

Final Thoughts

A bamboo mattress’s health benefits and easy cleaning process made it more popular among people. But they are slightly expensive. But the user-friendly features of the mattress made it money-worthy.

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