Nolah is a USA-manufactured foam company. All the tasks related to production and processing are done in the United States.

Fiberglass is a particularly useful material in mattresses. But it is harmful to human health. So, health-conscious people ensure whether the mattress contains any fiberglass or not.

Is fiberglass in a mattress dangerous?


There are several materials around us that can cause many health issues. Fiberglass is one of them.

But fiberglass itself is not dangerous. If it is airborne or inhaled, it can affect our health. Gradually, it can cause irritation to our lungs.

There are several other effects of fiberglass. It can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and breathing issues. So, the best way is to avoid mattresses that contain fiberglass.

Are Nolah mattresses safe from fiberglass?

Yes. Nolah mattresses do not have any fiberglass.

Several mattress tests were conducted with Nolah’s mattress. Every time, there was no fiberglass detected in Nolah’s mattress.

If you want to check personally by cutting a side of the Nolah mattress and taking it to the test lab, you can also see that it is free from fiberglass.

Nolah mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US foams. Moreover, it uses organic cotton and wool, which are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). There were no toxic chemicals used in the production of the foam. So you can safely use the mattress.

What is Nolah mattress made of?

Nolah mattresses use adaptive air foam to make their comfort layers. There are 2-inch comfort layers that are good for lying on.

Air foam plays a vital role in preparing a mattress. It adapts to our body so that we can get comfort from the bed. Moreover, lying on the air foam surface makes our bodies feel responsive and bouncy.

Final thoughts

If you have any allergic problems or any lung-related issues, Nolah is highly recommended for you. It is a healthy mattress that is safe from fiberglass and any other harmful material. However, you should stay updated by checking the user manuals and the material usage in the mattress.

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