The Costco company guarantees full refunds if you are not satisfied or get a defective mattress. So, you can return their products anytime if you are unhappy with their service. So compared with other competitor brands, Costco offers one of the best return policies. There are no hidden rules or charges to get a refund.

How do I return a Costco mattress to the manufacturer?

Costco Mattress’s return policy makes it easy to return the product to the manufacturer. There are mainly two ways of returning the products. The first way is to take the product to the store. It is the fastest way to get a refund for the mattress. However, if it is impossible, you can deliver the product online. Sending the mattress to Cotsco online is an easy task. There are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Log in to your account: If you already have an account on Cotsco’s site, you can log in to it. But if you have no account and you have to return the product to the manufacturer, you can open a new one.
  2. Open Tab: You can see there is a ‘My Orders’ tab in your Costco account. Click on the “Orders & Returns” button and submit the required information.
  3. Get the return label: This label includes the schedule for the company to pick up the damaged product. If your returned product is large, you must schedule a pickup.
  4. Check the email: If you purchase a large item from Costco, you cannot return it through the return label. So, in this situation, Cotsco will send you an email and give you some additional instructions, which you should follow properly.
  5. Get the refund: You can get the entire price of the product if it is not damaged. But the company will take charge of shipping and handling. Even if your mind changes and you do not like the design of the mattress immediately after purchasing it, you can send it back to the company and take back the money.

Do you need the purchasing receipt to return the mattress?

Generally, the purchasing receipt is unnecessary for returning the Costco mattress because it always stores your membership card. So, this tracking system made the product return process easier.

However, Costco does not charge for returning its products. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it to the company immediately.

If you return the items without any reason, your Costco account may be flagged. So, it is better to abstain from returning the products without any reason. If your account is flagged once, you may lose your Costco membership. 

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