Washing a mattress cover is essential to keep it in good condition. But, there are some techniques required for washing the mattress cover perfectly. However, Puffy mattress covers are easily washable, but we must follow the proper steps.

Is a Puffy mattress cover or topper machine washable?


Yes, a Puffy mattress topper can be easily washed by a washing machine. So, you need a few minutes to wash it. But when you wash your Puffy mattress topper with a machine, you must dry it. Keeping the mattress topper under direct sunlight for several hours is enough to complete this task.

Can I use bleach to wash a Puffy mattress cover?

Using bleach to wash a Puffy mattress cover is not recommended. Although bleach is not toxic, it is a very harsh chemical. It may damage the mattress cover quickly.

Steps for washing a Puffy mattress cover properly

Now, read the steps given below and follow them properly. Washing a Puffy mattress cover will be easier.

Step 01: Remove the bedding

First, you have to remove the bedding from the bed so that you can easily remove the protector. Now, hold the mattress and open its cover. Make it ready to wash.

The cover of the Puffy mattress may get several stains after use for some days. You have to check and treat the stains very carefully. Take a soft brush and rub the surface of the mattress cover. Hopefully, the stains will be removed from the cover if they are not serious.

Step 02: Apply detergent

You have to select a proper detergent to remove the stains from the mattress cover. Now, apply the detergent in a sufficient amount. You have to be careful about the quality of the detergent and avoid any chlorine bleach or harsh detergent. They will harm the surface of your mattress cover.

Step 03: Set the perfect water temperature

Now, take a washing machine and set the perfect water temperature for cleaning the mattress. Both hot and cold temperatures of water are appropriate for cleaning the mattress cover. But, you should be careful about the proper duration of washing.

Step 04: Make it dry

Keep the Puffy mattress under the sun and let it dry properly. Do not dry it for an extended period; otherwise, the color may be worn out.

What things should I consider washing a mattress cover?

A mattress cover is such a thing that increases the beauty of the mattress in our house. But cleaning a mattress cover is not at all easy. Significantly, several things to consider will help you enjoy the proper sustainability of the mattress and the mattress cover.

i) Avoid high temperature

The foam mattresses, including zipped-up covers, have a specific temperature setting for the washing machines. If you clean them at a high temperature, they can be damaged soon. The zipped covers of the foam mattress can be cleaned at 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the washing machine.

ii) Choose a quick zip-up cover

The mattress covers are easily removable. There are some zip-up mattress covers available on the market. Choose the right cover so that you can easily remove it and wash it when necessary.

iii) Zip back the mattress carefully

While zipping the mattress back up, you should be very careful about its dimensions. When your mattress is king-size, you do not have to purchase an additional mattress cover for it.

Final Thought

Puffy is a well-known name in the world of mattresses. They are manufactured in the US. However, the mattresses provide a lifetime warranty. Washing a mattress cover is a necessary task. It helps keep the cover looking new for a long time.

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