The mattress must have a standard dimension if you want to fit it on your bed frame. But a queen mattress can’t fit on the bed frame because it requires a minimum 65 by 85-inch bed frame. So a queen mattress is slightly bigger than a regular bed frame. Here is the reason why you can’t fit a queen mattress on a full-frame bed:

Can I set a queen mattress on a full bed frame?

If you want to know whether the mattress will fit on the bed frame, first, you have to measure the dimensions of the mattress and the bed.

The queen mattress is 80 inches in height and 60 inches in width. However, the queen mattress is the most popular mattress in the USA. If you want to set your queen mattress on your bed frame, it requires a 65-inch by 85-inch bed frame.

But the standard dimension of a full-sized bed frame is 54 by 75 inches. So it doesn’t match the dimensions of a queen mattress.

Setting a queen mattress on a full bed frame is possible, but the task is not admirable. When you set a queen mattress on a full bed frame, the remaining space can accumulate a significant amount of dirt, which is not admirable at all.

But can I put a king mattress on a queen bed frame? Yes, it is possible to set a king mattress on a queen bed frame if it is adjustable.

How can I place the mattress on my bed frame?

First, you have to unbox the mattress and put it on the bed frame. You should keep the mattress on the bed in such a position that more than one inch on every side of the bed gets overhung. Now, wait about 24 to 48 hours until the mattress expands.

Placing the foam mattress on the middle side of the bed frame is the best way to set up the mattress perfectly. You can also set up the mattress in the corner, but this process is not as good as the first one.

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