If you’re searching for a durable and advanced mattress, the Intellibed mattress is a fantastic choice. Established in 2000, Intellibed is a US-based mattress brand that strives to deliver beds that relieve pressure, support the sleeper, and provide healthy sleep surroundings.

Even though Intellibed is a hybrid mattress, it’s pretty different from its competitors. This is because it utilizes patented technology in all of its beds. This technology is referred to as Gel Matrix. This technology is unique, but it is also one of the most sophisticated cushioning materials ever invented. Besides, the technology creates both a soft and a firm feel on the mattress, making it suitable for all sleepers.

The Intellibed mattress brand has two main collections: Legacy and Luxury collections. Each group comes with three different mattresses to suit the needs of different sleepers. The Legacy collection offers azure, sapphire, and indigo, while the Luxury collection provides twilight, nightfall, and midnight mattresses.



Temperature Neutral Intellibed Mattress

Material Gel Matrix
Firmness Medium firm
Thickness 10 inches
Support System High-density foam base
Comfort Layer Gel Matrix
Breathability Airflow channels, moisture-wicking cover
Motion Isolation Excellent
Edge Support Good
Durability Above average
Certifications CertiPUR-US®, Intellibed is also certified by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative for sustainability and patient safety.
Warranty 20-year warranty
Trial Period 60-night sleep trial with free returns and a full refund
Shipping Free shipping and white-glove delivery

Intellibed Mattress Review in 2024


However, Intellibed mattresses are also some of the most expensive on the market. But before you conclude whether to buy one of the Intellibeds or not, go through this review to make an informed decision.


Intellibed mattresses are beautifully made to last long. These beds typically feature foam or latex and pocketed coils in their support systems. The Intellibed mattresses have Gel Matrix in their structure, making them stand out from most online beds.

The Gel Matrix makes the mattress sleep cool, stay responsive, and allow the body to align correctly on the bed. Some Intellibed mattresses come with memory foam, while others are fitted with latex on top of pocketed coils/innerspring support systems.

A fascinating feature of Intellibed is the Gel Matrix. This technology is almost similar to other Gel technologies found in competitor mattresses like Purple. Besides, the Gel Matrix technology makes Intellibed mattress bouncy, and it contours to the body without causing pain in most pressure points.

Intellibed has two collections: Legacy collection and Luxury collection. The Legacy collection is a much affordable option, while the Luxury collection comes with the most advanced Intellibeds. Note that all of these beds are build differently, as we are about to find out below.

Legacy Collection

The Azure Legacy mattress is the least affordable Intellibed mattress. At 13-inches, this is one of the firmest Intellibed mattresses. Thanks to thin cushioning on top of the Gel Matrix layer. On top of the bed is a premium Quiltflex cover. It is followed by a Gel Matrix layer and high-density foam. Finally, the support layer has a high coil count innerspring.

The 14-inch Sapphire Legacy mattress is the best for individuals who want comfort and support. On top of this mattress is a Serene Comfort Quilt, followed by the innovative Gel Matrix layer. Below the gel layer is the natural Talalay latex foam that supports the sleeper. This bed comes with individually wrapped and tempered innerspring coils that isolate motion perfectly in the support layer.

Last in the Legacy line is the Indigo mattress. Measuring 16-inches, this mattress is quite heavy and can be challenging to change in bed. However, it’s well-made and comes with quality layers to keep the sleeper comfortable and healthy. The layers of the Indigo Legacy mattress from top to bottom include premium Quiltflex, Gel Matrix, natural Talalay latex, and individually-wrapped and tempered steel coils.

Luxury Collection

The Twilight mattress is the first bed in the Intellibed Luxury collection. Like the Azure Legacy mattress, this bed is also somewhat firmer. With a height of 14.25-inches, the Twilight mattress consists of a premium Quiltflex, Gel Matrix layer, high-density memory foam, and individually-wrapped coils in the support core. The bed is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is the cheapest mattress in the luxury line.

At 16-inches in height, the Nightfall mattress is best suited for back and side sleepers. However, it still offers the comfort and support most sleepers can’t get in a bed. It comprises a Serene Comfort Quilt cover, Gel Matrix layer, naturally breathable latex layer, and individually wrapped coil innerspring layer. It provides superior motion transfer because of the three coil zones that it comes with.

The Midnight Luxury mattress is the most expensive Intellibed mattress. Towering at 16.25-inches, this bed is big and heavy, which makes changing it on the bed a problem. Nevertheless, the mattress is durably built to last and offer comfort to sleepers. It features a premium Quiltflex cover, Gel Matrix technology, copper-infused latex layer, individually-wrapped coils in the support core, and quantum edge technology for a supportive edge. It’s the ultimate mattress for those who want comfort and durability on the bed.


One of the most vital selling points of Intellibed is its durability. Hybrid mattresses are more durable than all-foam, memory foam, and latex. However, Intellibed has taken durability to another level. The bed can last for more than 20 years if properly maintained. To show that the company believes in their mattresses, they provide a 20-year warranty, one of the best in the industry.


If you love your mattress to have a particular firmness feel, forget about the Intellibed. This mattress has a mixed firmness feel. When you sleep on the bed, you will start by feeling firm and later on total pressure relief. Therefore, you will feel both a firm and a soft feel.

Back and side sleepers will get the most support, while stomach sleepers will get little help. Additionally, lightweight and average-weight sleepers will feel good on this mattress, while heavyweight sleepers will not feel good.

Motion Isolation

Some partners can destruct your sleep in the middle of the night. If your partner adjusts a lot in bed, having a bed that isolates motion is critical. Unluckily, Intellibed is not one of those mattresses. Yes, Intellibed isolates motion better than most hybrid mattresses, but you will still be destructed to some extent.

If you sleep with a kid, pet, or partner, having a bed that isolates movement to a great extent is vital. For such a case, you need a memory foam bed or an Intellibed that is soft, such as the Sapphire or Indigo mattress.

Edge Support

If you love sleeping at the perimeter of your mattress or love sitting on your bed as you tie your shoelaces, the Intellibed will be excellent. This bed comes with reinforced edges, meaning it has supportive edges. Therefore, you can sit or sleep on the edge of your bed without worrying about sagging it.

The innerspring or coils in the core of the mattress provide enough support to support different weights. However, the support provided varies from one Intellibed to another.

Ease of movement

One of the best features of hybrid mattresses like the Intellibed is that they are very responsive. As a result, these mattresses make moving in and out of bed to be super easy. The coils in the mattress make the bed bouncy, and sleepers won’t feel stuck in bed.

All Intellibed mattresses come with coils in the base, meaning that they are all responsive and bouncy.

Temperature Control

Like all hybrid mattresses, Intellibed sleeps excellent. Thanks to the coils in its core that allow air to pass through freely and dissipate heat. Besides, the bed is made up of breathable materials, such as the Gel Matrix; thus, allowing it to sleep even cooler but still retain some heat.

So, even when the weather is so cold, the mattress will keep some heat to keep the sleeper warm. Overall, it has a neutral temperature, which is perfect for such a quality mattress. Besides, the bed also comes with a breathable cover, which doesn’t trap heat and makes the bed more breathable.

Pressure Relief

The Intellibed mattress is good at relieving pressure, thanks to the Gel Matrix, Polyfoam, and memory foam layers that most of the Intellibeds featur. Because of the soft and firm layers in the bed, the sleeper won’t sink excessively into the mattress or float on the bed.

What’s more, the sleeper’s body will align adequately, allowing the sleeper to sleep soundly and without any pain on the most pressure point of their body. Back and side sleepers will feel the most comfort, while stomach sleepers may feel some slight discomfort, more so heavyweight sleepers that love sleeping on their stomach.


Hybrid mattresses are the best for sex. Since Intellibed is a hybrid mattress with coils in its core, this bed is very responsive and bouncy. Partners will love it, and they can also change positions with a lot of ease. Also, the bed has outstanding traction compared to other hybrid mattresses.

The only downside is that it will produce some sound as couples have a good time in bed.


If you demand a virtually silent mattress, the Intellibed is not for you. However, this mattress is not as loud as other hybrid mattresses as it comes with a lot of form in its layers. Therefore, you may hear some sounds as you get in and out of bed. But when it comes to sex or jumping in bed, you may listen to some squeaks and creaks.


Most new mattresses produce some gas because of the materials that they are made of. Since Intellibed mattress comes with polyfoam, latex, and memory foam layers, expect this mattress to produce some gas when opened.

But unlike other online mattresses, the Intellibed doesn’t come compressed, meaning it won’t off-gas that much. And with the Gel Matrix, which is 100% non-toxic, the mattress produces very low gas. Nonetheless, if you’re allergic to any form of gas, you should open windows and allow the bed to off-gas for at least 24 hours before sleeping on the bed.

Trial period

Like most online beds, Intellibed offers customers a 90-night sleep trial period. However, this sleep trial period is not on par with some of the best on the market. Considering its initial price, the period should be a little bit longer. What’s more, the buyer has a mandatory 30-night sleep period before thinking of returning the mattress.  

Shipping and White glove delivery

Unlike most online beds, Intellibed mattresses are typically shipped in a full-size box and not compressed. Besides, the mattresses are delivered to the contagious US only. Additionally, Intellibed advises its customers to rotate the mattress once every six months and once every six months after that.

If you stay outside of the contiguous US states, you will have to pay a certain fee to have the mattress shipped to your doorstep. What’s more, Intellibed provides white glove delivery and old mattress removal at a cost. Note that standard delivery is not offered.


Intellibed is one of the most expensive mattresses on the market. It’s even almost double the price of Purple, which is Intellibed’s closest competitor. The twin size mattress is the cheapest, while the California King size is the most expensive. Intellibed offers all mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. However, some models like the Indigo Legacy lack twin and full sizes. All-in-all, there are a variety of mattress sizes and prices to select from.


Another good reason why you should invest in the Intellibed is because of its outstanding warranty. Intellibed may have a high initial price, but its warranty is one of the best. Intellibed provides its clients with a 20-year warranty, which is one of the best on the market.

Note that the warranty is non-prorated for the first 10 years and prorated for the remaining 10 years. Regardless, it’s still better than what most online mattresses are offering.

Who should buy the Intellibed mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Intellibed mattress?

How will different sleepers feel on the Intellibed Mattress?

Lightweight sleepers

Despite Intellibed lacking a particular firmness feel, this mattress will offer different feels for different sleepers. Lightweight sleepers that like sleeping on the side and stomach will feel good, while those that rest on the back will feel very good.

Overall, all lightweight sleepers or people who weigh less than 130 pounds should feel comfortable on this mattress.

Average-weight sleepers

Average-weight sleepers are those who weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds. Average-weight sleepers that love sleeping on their back will feel the most comfort. The mattress will align well with their body to provide outstanding support and relieve pressure. On the contrary, average-weight sleepers who like sleeping on the side will feel good, while those who prefer sleeping on their stomach will not feel so good.

Heavyweight sleepers

Heavy sleepers are people who weigh 230 pounds or more. Such people usually sleep comfortably on firm mattresses with a rating of at least seven or more on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. Even though Intellibed doesn’t have a firm surface, the bed still sleeps firm. However, heavyweight sleepers will tend to sink more into the mattress than lightweight or average-weight sleepers.

Heavyweight sleepers that love sleeping on their side and back will feel good, while those that prefer sleeping on their stomach won’t get enough support and may experience pressure in parts of their body.


Intellibed mattresses are expensive but worth every cent spent on them. Thanks to the unique and durable materials that make up the mattresses. Aside from that, the mattresses are durable and cast last for more than 30 years. Additionally, the company offers a 20-year warranty, which is one of the industry’s best. And with a 90-night sleep trial period, buyers have enough time to know whether the bed is right for them or not.

Overall, the Intellibed mattress is best suited for people willing to invest in a mattress that will last for many years. According to previous buyers, this is a genuinely durable bed and one that adjusts to your sleeping needs.


Question: How long does the Intellibed last?

Answer: An Intellibed can last for more than 20 years. This is because it’s made using some of the most durable mattress materials on the market. Apart from having the long-lasting Gel Matrix, the mattress also features durable latex and polyfoam layers. Together with the coils, this bed will last for many years if maintained properly.

Question: Is Intellibed better than Purple mattress?

Answer: Both of these mattresses are exceptional in their ways. However, the Intellibed technology is somewhat more advanced than the Purple mattress. Additionally, the Intellibed mattress lasts longer than the Purple mattress. But in terms of price, Purple is more affordable than Intellibed.

Question: Which Intellibed is the best?

Answer: There isn’t a specific best Intellibed mattress as they all meet different needs. Thus, depending on your needs, you may find one of the Intellibed mattresses to be best for you. If you desire a firm feel, the azure mattress is the best. The Sapphire mattress is perfect for those who want a cooling bed with excellent motion isolation, while the indigo bed is suitable for exceptional comfort.

If you’re a back or a side sleeper, the Nightfall mattress will be an excellent choice for you. The twilight is best for people who need a slightly firmer bed, while the Midnight bed offers ultimate luxury. Hence, you can pick a bed depending on what you desire most.

Question: Is Intellibed worth the money?

Answer: It depends on what you’re looking for in a mattress. If you desire a durable and comfortable mattress, Intellibed is the bed for you. But if you intend to sleep on a mattress for only a few years before discarding it, Intellibed is not for you.

Furthermore, Intellibed is perfect if you want an adaptable mattress to different sleeping positions and weights. But if you like a specific feel, this is a bad investment for you.

Question: Who is the owner of Intellibed?

Answer: Bob Rasmussen owns Intellibd. Bob made up his mind to create Intellibed to provide health and sleep wellness to people. This is something that other mattresses didn’t meet; until recently, Purple created something similar. However, Intellibed is the best as it provides people with better and comfortable sleep.